Organizational Development

Organizational Development helps increase an organization's ability to motivate, inspire and improve the performance of its people, through a variety of techniques.

About Organizational Development

Organizational Development can help increase an organization’s ability to motivate, inspire and improve the performance of its people. OD works with individuals, teams and/or departments to help leaders build a thriving organization that fulfills its mission without compromising core values. Our goal is to maximize efficiency by utilizing the skills and talents already present within the organization whenever possible. 

The Approach

OD partners with leaders/clients to identify their unique needs and jointly draft an initial development plan. A proposal is then created by OD and sent for review until final joint approval is reached.

OD consults with leaders to evaluate current strategies, successes and challenges within their department.  Recommendations are provided, which may include coaching, customized training and/or referrals to other resources within Emory Human Resources. External resources may also be recommended.

We use techniques that are data driven but sensitive to time constraints and goals. Data is collected through a variety of means, including assessments, meetings, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and observations. These methods help us gather the appropriate information to yield solutions for the organization’s unique needs. Group based discussions are often used (when appropriate) to maximize participation and acceptance.

Services Provided

Some services involve a modest fee if outside vendor assessments/materials are used.