Physical Activity and Fitness

Getting regular physical activity improves your health, reduces your risk of developing serious health problems and provides you with a much better quality of life. Emory offers a wealth of resources to help you get more physical activity and fitness into your daily life.

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Fitness Facilities

Join a fitness facility, either on Emory's campus or in your community, with discounted employee pricing.

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Walking at Emory

Get your steps in by joining a walking group at Emory or by walking at one of the many great places on campus.

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Biking at Emory

Consider cycling to work as a healthier alternative to driving. Bike Emory supports a bicycling culture for those who cycle to work or bicycle around campus.

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Active Works

Increase your energy, think clearly, get more sleep and feel better by adding more activity to your work day.

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Webinars and Videos

Watch pre-recorded webinars or videos on topics related to exercise and physical fitness.

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Order a Fitbit

Order a Fitbit with a special pricing that is available for Emory employees.

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