Leaders and Teams

FSAP offers confidential, consultative services to administrators, managers, supervisors, and team leaders to help maintain effective team relations and work strategies. If a team begins to display problematic behaviors such as negative interactions, increased conflict, and/or reduced productivity, FSAP can help.

Leadership Services

Executive Coaching

One-on-one sessions to help managers and senior leaders design a plan to reach their professional and personal goals. These sessions help to enhance skills in communication, conflict resolution, strategic engagement, and overall leadership effectiveness. These sessions also provide opportunities for leaders to discuss difficult team dynamics and potential interventions to facilitate team engagement and healthy team relations.

Leadership Consultations

Confidential, consultative services are available for administrators, managers, supervisors, senior level and team leaders to assist with concerns, behaviors, and the performance of staff and faculty members.

Consultations serve as a resource for sorting through individual performance issues, assisting an individual facing a personal tragedy or unexpected crisis, or providing consultation about when and how to recommend or refer a direct report or colleague to FSAP.

Team Services

When negative team dynamics emerge in the work environment, there are often observable challenges with conflict, absenteeism, presenteeism, communication, disruptive behaviors, and other concerns. Problematic team dynamics impact individual and team performance, morale, retention, and work satisfaction. When there is a need to facilitate understanding, shift these dynamics, and reset team interactions, FSAP can help with the following services:

Mediation Services

Individuals experiencing conflict (inclusive of leaders, staff, faculty and physicians) may want to explore mechanisms for resolving their issues. Alternative-dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and/or facilitated discussions, are confidential, informal and voluntary interventions for individuals to resolve ongoing tensions to promote productive working relationships.

Communication Enhancement

Effective communication is essential to successful team performance. FSAP offers workshops to assist teams with communication enhancement. Facilitators also may utilize customized strategies and interventions to promote and enhance effective team communication.

Individual Services: Coaching for Professional Success

Individual sessions focused on learning more about your work style, communication, career values, and approach to job tasks can enhance awareness and professional success. This information can also facilitate understanding your interactional style and the impact of your stress behaviors on work performance and team productivity. These insights can help you to improve your productivity, skills, team engagement and interactions, and job satisfaction.

Request Services

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