Mentor Emory Spotlight

The Mentor Emory program provides both mentors and mentees with a valuable experience. Hear what other Emory employees are saying:

From Mentees

“I’m so thankful for the experiences, connections, and guidance that I received through Mentor Emory! Going through this program and being paired with a mentor was a truly transformative process, not only as a professional but also as a member of the Emory community. It’s been a year later and I continue to remain in contact with my mentor and cohort members which is a testament to the genuine relationships and supportive environment that this program fosters. Thank you to the amazing Learning & Organizational Development team and facilitators for their flexibility, always pushing us towards excellence, and for the positive energy!”

Phylicia Fair, M.A.Ed., Program Coordinator, EmPREP, Program Manager, Summer Science Academy, Program Manager Emory University School of Medicine | Office of Multicultural Affairs (Mentor Emory 2020)

“The Emory Mentor Program helped me grow as a professional and build a lasting relationship with my mentor outside of my department. I have not only built a friendship with my mentor but a safe place to discuss work life balance, professional struggles, and successes. I highly recommend this program to help you have another perspective on how to grow your career with Emory and build strong, lasting organizational relationships.”

Emily T. Hauert (she/her)| Recruiter Emory University Human Resources (Mentor Emory 2020)

“The Mentor Emory Program provided for me an opportunity to receive guidance from a pool of respected leaders who have keen insight in professional growth and development. To have an opportunity to network with others who are committed to the success of others is exceptional, and Mentor Emory provided that for me. The feedback and support I received was life-changing, and because of it I gained a greater confidence in putting to action a personal pathway for success.”

Anita Hendricks, MA., Residency Program Coordinator II – Psychiatry Emory University School of Medicine (Mentor Emory 2021)

“Mentor Emory was such a great experience. Having someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive, but also coming from an objective perspective, was super helpful and gave me new ways to look at my skills and accomplishments, grow my confidence, and my career! It was also great to get to know others from different areas of Emory and at different stages of their careers.”

Clare Barton (Mentor Emory 2021)

“The Mentor Emory Program was an exceptional professional development experience that exceeded my expectations! With the guidance of my amazing mentor, Dr. Melissa Murphy, I developed a strategic plan and achieved my three goals: 1) Gain experiences, 2) Build my connections and 3) Launch my future as a health equity strategist. I was most impressed with the effort the Learning & Organizational Development team dedicated to form this perfect match. My mentor match is a model example of what DEI looks like in action because although I share a different ethnic background than my mentor, we bonded over her caring spirit to genuinely devote her time and experience to support my professional growth. As a result, the six-month mentorship developed into a long-term meaningful relationship.”

Tamira M. Moon, MPH, MCHES® Sr. Program Associate/Regional Coordinator Region IV Public Health Training Center (PHTC) Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

From Mentors

“I have been part of the Mentor Emory program for over 10 years and have loved every minute of it. I have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with some great people and to be honest, learned as much or more from them as they may have learned from me. Learning their stories and understanding their drive to succeed has help me in so many ways to be a better leader to my teams. I look forward to each new mentee and the opportunity to help them move forward in their career.”

Jay D. Flanagan Director, OIT Customer Services

“The mentor mentee program is an enriching experience for both participants. As a mentor I always am in awe of the talent [within] the Emory community. The mentee has the opportunity to learn more about the greater Emory Community and get introductions to peers and leadership that they would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. Each year I get more and more excited about participating with this program.”

David, Goetsch Asst Dir ,Faculty Recruitment • Equal Opportunity Programs

“I have participated in the Mentor Emory program for several years and have found it to be rewarding on many levels. It was my way of giving back to Emory staff, hoping to be helpful and provide a safe space to be supportive. I found it to be far more meaningful at the onset, when I realized how much work the Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development team puts into the program. They are intentional with guidance and resources for both Mentors and Mentees, providing opportunities for networking together and programs to facilitate awareness of how diversity directly impacts our successes with teams and projects. It's an opportunity to share information and strategies, discuss outcomes and alternatives while valuing the varied perspectives of everyone participating. As a result of my participation, I have met Emory staff from all over the campus, made new friends and enjoyed an opportunity to work with some folks I know. lt is a commitment of choice and the win to be celebrated with the mentees, mentors, and all our divisions across Emory for the benefits ripple widely.”

Dawn Francis-Chewning President, Employee Council 2021-22 Student Digital Life, Academic Technology Services Emory University Libraries

“The Mentor Emory program is a personal mentor-mentee experience within a supportive cohort program. This ‘two for one’ approach means that participants benefit from the one-on-one mentor-mentee relationship and the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect within a larger group of people committed to helping each other succeed. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, mentees are encouraged to identify and visualize goals, and then develop a plan to reach them. Both the mentor and the group provide cheerleading, feedback, and accountability that empower personal and professional growth. This special program brings people together in a personalized, supportive, and empowering format that encourages mentees and mentors alike to grow in new and exciting ways to reach their goals. As a mentor, it is a privilege to watch the transformation of my own and other mentees over the course of the program as they articulate their goals, build new relationships, and connect with resources that bring them closer to their goals. Regardless of experience level, professional role, or Emory department, this program has something to offer. The intentional way mentors and mentees are paired leads to rewarding and effective mentoring relationships. Being part of a group of mentor-mentee pairs guided by the expert team in LO&D provides the support and resources of a larger community while preserving the personalized emphasis of the program."

Melissa Murphy Dir, Research Projects • SOM: Peds: Neonatology

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