Emory Temporary Services

Emory Temporary Services (ETS) is the internal source for temporary staffing across the Emory community, providing departments with talented and skilled temporary employees.

About ETS

  • ETS fills temp jobs for both Emory University and Emory Healthcare.
  • ETS consistently staffs a pool of talented and dedicated employees that demonstrate their commitment and desire to be a part of the Emory Community.
  • Our goal is to find the right person for the right job and the right job for the right person.

Hiring a Temp

If you are a hiring manager, either at Emory University or Emory Healthcare, who is looking for temporary support, let Emory Temporary Services connect you with the right talent.


  1. To begin the ETS recruitment process, create an online employment requisition using in our applicant tracking system, iCIMS. View instructions for creating a requisition.
  2. ETS has unique job codes. Make sure you have selected a job code starting with ETS or you will have to cancel and restart the process.
  3. If you have already identified a candidate for your opening, enter the person’s legal name, email address and phone number in the fields provided on the ETS tab on your iCIMS requisition requisition form. 

To access iCIMS, log in to Self-Service and click on the Emory Recruiting System tile.

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