Short Term Disability

Emory offers a short term disability (STD) benefit through UNUM to provide an income if you cannot work and become disabled from a covered injury, sickness or pregnancy.

About STD Coverage

STD coverage provides a benefit equal to 60% of your base salary for a period of up to 180 days, if your claim for benefits is approved.

Emory offers the option of multiple waiting periods associated with the STD program. A waiting period is the length of time between your last day actively at work and the point in which you’d be eligible to begin receiving your STD benefit. Emory offers the choice of four waiting periods:

  • 15 days
  • 21 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days

If you elect STD coverage, you are required to use your accrued sick leave during the waiting period before STD benefits will be paid. Accrued sick or vacation time may ONLY be used to satisfy the waiting period.

Benefits are reduced by the amount of any other state disability benefits.


Staff and Post Doc employees who work at least 20 hours a week and are classified as regular full-time or part-time are eligible.

Short Term Disability coverage is effective the month after you enroll.

Faculty, Board approved executives and grandfathered principals are covered by the Salary Continuation Policy and are not eligible.

Temporary employees are not eligible.


Short Term Disability employee contributions are based on the waiting period you choose and are taken out on an after-tax basis.

Short Term Disability Rates
Waiting PeriodEmployee Cost Per $100 Covered Salary
15 days$0.75
21 days$0.67
30 days$0.37
60 days$0.21


Here is an example of how the cost for STD is calculated for an employee with a $50,000 salary who chooses a 60-day waiting period.

Cost = ($50,000 / $100 ) x $.21 = $105 for the year

How to Enroll

You must enroll online through Self-Service within 31 days of becoming eligible for coverage. If you do not enroll within 31 days of eligibility and would like coverage at a later date, you must wait for annual benefits enrollment.

Pre-existing condition limitations will apply for those who are enrolling for the first time during annual benefits enrollment. You are considered to have a pre-existing condition if:

  • you received medical treatment, consultation, care or services including diagnostic measures, or took prescribed drugs or medicines in the 3 months prior to your effective date of coverage; and
  • the disability begins in the first 12 months after your effective date of coverage.

How to Submit a Claim

By telephone

To submit a claim by telephone: call UNUM at 866-765-8490. The Group Plan Number is 107388. View instructions.


You can also file a claim online (click Employees and Families and then click File a Claim):

File a claim