HR Departments

Human Resources is comprised of several departments which all work together to support the university’s mission and strategic framework by creating and delivering high-quality HR programs and services.

HR Administration

HR Administration includes HR's executive leadership team which is responsible for overseeing all HR policies, services and programs. The department also encompasses HR communications, recognition events and data analysis.

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Benefits and Work Life

Benefits and Work Life administers all university benefits programs (health, retirement, disability, etc.) and work-life programs.

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Compensation works with university business units to maintain competitive and equitable compensation programs across the university.

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Emory Temporary Services (ETS)

Emory Temporary Services (ETS) is the internal source for temporary staffing across the Emory community, providing departments with talented and skilled temporary employees.

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Employee Relations

Employee Relations promotes a positive and collaborative work environment by providing leadership and support to employees, supervisors and leaders to adhere to the university's policies and procedures.

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Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

FSAP provides a variety of programs and services designed to promote the physical, emotional, social and occupational health of university faculty and staff and their immediate family members.

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HR Data Services

HR Data Services helps maintain accurate employee records, resolves data discrepancies, and completes various HR transactions. The department also handles employment eligibility requirements including Form I-9 completion, e-Verify, and visa authorizations or expirations.

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HR Technical Services (HRTS)

HRTS leverages technology to reduce the cost of HR processes, improve customer service and meet the university's compliance requirements. The department also supports third-party vendors and develops applications for various HR transactions.

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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is responsible for designing, creating and administering programs that contribute to furthering Emory's culture of well-being and the goals of Healthy Emory.

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Learning and Organizational Development

Learning and Organizational Development offers professional development programs to meet the needs of Emory's faculty and staff, helping to maximize individual employee potential.

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The Recruiting department partners with hiring managers as soon as they have an open position, helping define the position, set the criteria for the candidate search, and find the most ideal candidate.

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Work Life

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center promotes and strengthens the work-life culture for university faculty, staff and graduate students by integrating a wide range of practices, programs and processes that help to sustain individuals and families.

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