Essentials of Leadership

The Essentials of Leadership program provides the university's people managers with opportunities to gain the necessary skills required to successfully lead a team.

About this Program

This program is offered twice each year. It is designed for individuals who are serving in a people management role, regardless of whether they are new to the role or are more experienced supervisors who have not had formal leadership training.

The program is also appropriate for faculty and principal investigators who supervise people.

Nomination and Selection Process

In order to participate in this program, you must currently be supervising others. To apply, you can either be nominated by someone else or you can nominate yourself. If you nominate yourself, you must still have the formal support of your manager in the form of a letter of recommendation, submitted with your application.

Approximately 25 participants will be selected for each program and selection will be based on stated goals, departmental representation and manager recommendation.

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Attendance is mandatory for all program events, including the kick-off, all classes and seminars, and the program graduation.

If you are interested in applying to this program, please review the Program-at-a-Glance to understand the level of commitment involved.

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Program sessions will focus on four themes:

  1. Leadership Development: Explore leadership styles, ethics, and managing people and resources.
  2. Building and Managing Relationships: Develop relationships with direct reports, peers and senior leadership. Additional topics include building and leading diverse teams and managing conflicts.
  3. HR and Legal Policies: Understand the current HR laws and policies that enhance effective leadership.
  4. Strategic Planning: Learn how to lead and manage change within your department and negotiate for resources.

Program Cost

The cost to the department for each participant is $1,800.


Neffertiti Harwell, Manager, Learning & Development