October 22, 2016

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Emory WorkLife Resource Center Upcoming Workshops

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has several upcoming workshops on a variety of topics for caregivers.

Understanding the Cost and Value of Paying for Long Term Care: The Importance of Being Prepared
The options for paying for long-term care are limited. Did you know that Medicare will not pay for home care or assisted living facility care? Do you know what Medicaid provides? Most families do not realize their limited options until they are in a crisis — usually when their loved one is about to be discharged from a hospital. Making decisions while in a crisis can be stressful and result in bad choices. This seminar is intended to provide information prior to a crisis. Miles Hurley, Elder Law Attorney, will lead a discussion centered on the importance of legal documents and will help individuals learn how to best locate and pay for good long-term care.

October 27, 2016
Emory University Hospital, Main Lobby Auditorium

Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney
How to Plan Your Estate for Yourself and Your Family: Gain a better Understanding of Wills, Trust, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning. Planning for the future can be daunting with or without a family to consider.  Do I need a will? What if someone I am caring for does not have a will?  How can financial and medical decisions be made if I become unable to make decisions for myself? What is Guardianship and is it necessary for my loved one?  Do I need a trust? Should probate be avoided? If I am caring for an adult loved one how can planning help? The answers to these and many more questions will be addressed in this important planning panel discussion.

November 4, 2016
School of Public Health, Room CNR 100

Caregiver Connection
As we head into the holiday season, we often visit with adult loved ones and learn about what new challenges they might be facing or what help they may need.  The Emory Caregiver Support Program is hosting a Caregiver Open House on Friday November 18th from 11am- 2:00pm.  Representatives from all of your caregiver focused benefits will be in one location.  Please stop by to gather information and ask questions about services and benefits that can help your family member locally or anywhere in the U.S. 

November 18, 2016
1599 Clifton Road Building, Room 1.432

Recognizing Bumps in the Road: Early Intervention Strategies for Young Children
Children develop at varying ages and stages. Early recognition of challenges in physical growth, temperament, attachment, social skills or a child’s ability to control emotion can be extremely helpful.
Kari Saxton, Early Intervention Specialist at The Clifton Schools will facilitate a discussion about typical early childhood development. She will review key milestones of social, emotional, and physical development in children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Ms. Saxton will provide insight to help parents recognize possible developmental delays or learning and attention issues. She will point out resources in our community to help families with evaluation and treatment.

December 9, 2016
James B. Williams Medical Education Building, Room 190P

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