October 10, 2011

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Quality Enhancement Plan - Emory Needs Your Ideas
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Quality Enhancement Plan - Emory Needs Your Ideas
Eric Weeks and Sarah McPhee

Our students get a great education at Emory, but there's always room for improvement!  As part of Emory's reaccreditation in 2013, Emory will develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) which chooses some aspect of education to focus on and improve.  This semester, we (Prof. Sarah McPhee, Art History and Prof. Eric Weeks, Physics) have been asked by the University to find possible topics for this QEP.  We expect that the QEP will find some aspect of education that we're already doing well and help Emory do it even better.  Potentially the QEP topic could help define what is unique and special about an Emory education.

We would like your advice and suggestions for the QEP topic.  Examples of possible QEP topics include:

  • World View:  Emory already has a lot of vigorous study-abroad programs, relations with Tibet, strong foreign language departments, an internationally diverse study body, etc.  Can we find more ways to "internationalize" the education of Emory students, even if not sending everybody to do study-abroad?

  • Primary Evidence:  Emory is fairly unique in that many undergraduates (several hundred a semester) use the Rare Books collection (MARBL).  Many undergraduates do research projects; this includes projects in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.  Can we find ways for more students to interact with primary material, whether it be rare books, raw data in a laboratory, or otherwise?

  • Ethics:  Emory's vision statement says that we should be ethically engaged.  Can we find ways to incorporate discussions of ethics into more classes, across disciplines?

  • Quantitative Literacy:  This is becoming more important for all fields, not just sciences.  In the social sciences, more students need statistics than has been true previously.  There’s a growing interest in digital humanities, which also requires quantitative skills.
We would love any and all suggestions you may have for a QEP topic.  Or, if you like one or more of the ideas above, let us know that too.  Please email your comments and suggestions to Sarah McPhee (smcphee@emory.edu) and Eric Weeks (erweeks@emory.edu) no later than November 1.  While the primary focus of the QEP will be undergraduate education, most of these topics will likely influence the education of Emory's graduate and professional students as well.

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