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For an overview of how the new Performance System works, click here.


There is a difference in the PeopleSoft 9.2 vs. 9.1 Performance Management (PM) tool in regards to how the final average is computed for the year-end review.

In the old 9.1 system, the PM tool computed the average based on the eight competencies.

In the new system, the tool is computing the average based on the “What” summary score and the “How” summary score. At times, this may produce a different result than the average of all eight competencies. Our analysis shows that there is a potential difference in scores about 10% of the time. While the average has always been for guidance to assist the manager in making a final score determination, nevertheless some managers may have been unduly influenced by this computational change. We have already made the adjustments needed to use the same process as before for all future forms, but those that have already been launched will remain affected.

If the employee's performance is low/high in one or more critical areas (competencies or goals), you may need to override this score by clicking the Final Rating link. Comments are required (minimum 100 characters) regardless of rating. MAKE SURE THE OVERALL SCORE REFLECTS WHAT YOU FEEL IS APPROPRIATE.