Operation: Eat Right!

operation eat right

What is Operation: Eat Right!?

Your mission is to use all of the nutrition resources available to you within Healthy Emory Connect (HEC), Emory’s new health management platform.


Why should I join Healthy Emory Connect?

Good nutrition habits lead to happier and healthier individuals. Employees are able to earn points and receive $300 in medical plan incentives, yet most of it goes unclaimed each year. Don’t leave your money on the table…Join Healthy Emory Connect!


What do I have to do?

  1. Join Healthy Emory Connect.
  2. Complete 4 missions and track your nutrition habits.
  3. Earn double points towards your medical incentives.

For more details about the 4 missions and the points you can earn, refer to the table below:

points table


Meet Super Dietitian, your Nutrition Sidekick


Mission 1: Controlling Your Portions


Mission 2: Cooking Your Meals


Mission 3: Tracking Your Intake


Mission 4: Increasing Your Produce


Keep track of your progress with these mission calendars:


Want nutrition tips texted to you during the campaign to help you?

Enter your mobile number HERE.


Your Mission starts on June 4, 2018!



Contact us at healthyemory@emory.edu.