Move More Challenge

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Join the 2019 Move More Challenge!

The Move More Challenge is coming back this spring (March 25-May 5)! The 2019 challenge will be offered on Healthy Emory Connect and participants will be able to compete using a number of different wearable devices (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch) or their smartphone.

Registration opens March 8 and the challenge starts March 25.

The challenge is open to all benefits-eligible Emory employees and pre-65 retirees (with Emory medical coverage).

Participants will create their own teams and work together on a virtual journey to 10 Emory destinations. At each destination, the team will unlock fun facts and health and well-being tips.

How to get started:

For more information, view our FAQs.

The Fitbit Store is Open!

Take advantage of Emory's Fitbit subsidy to participate in the Move More Challenge. Employees can receive one Fitbit at the Emory rate and up to two more at the Family & Friends rate. Get your unique code and instructions on how to purchase.

For pricing information, see below:

Need to contact Fitbit Customer Support?

Contact Fitbit at When you fill out the form to send them an email, provide your Emory email address, even if your Fitbit account is connected to another email. This will help them connect you to the Emory program. You can also contact them via telephone at 844-5FITBIT (844-534-8248). Hours of operation are Monday-Friday: 4am-8pm; Saturday–Sunday: 6am-5pm PST.