Healthy Emory Connect FAQ's


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  • What is Healthy Emory Connect?

Healthy Emory Connect is a web application and a mobile app that will connect you to an online hub where you will be able to earn many of your 2018 health plan incentives. You will be able to complete your health risk assessment, track your health goals, connect your mobile or wearable device(s) including Fitbit, Garmin, Polar and Apple Watch, participate in the Move More Challenge and much more. You can personalize your own profile and homepage. Daily “cards” will appear that will support your own personal health journey. Check your trophy case to see which new trophies you have earned and see how far away you are from your next trophy. Healthy Emory Connect is also designed so you can invite Emory colleagues and up to 10 non-Emory friends and family to join you in your personal health journey. You can create personal challenges and invite your friends to join. You can create your own groups based on areas of common interest such as hiking, tennis, golf, or a lunchtime walking group. There will be a Healthy Emory event calendar that you can consult visit to see activities, classes, and programs near you.

  • Who is providing Healthy Emory Connect?

Emory has chosen Virgin Pulse as our third-party business partner to provide Healthy Emory Connect as our Health Management Platform. Founded in 2004, Virgin Pulse partners with large employers like Emory to build cultures of health designed to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of employees.

  • Who can utilize Healthy Emory Connect?

All benefits-eligible Emory Healthcare and Emory University employees and pre-65 retirees (with Emory Medical plan coverage) are eligible to utilize Healthy Emory Connect.

  • Is there a fee to register for Healthy Emory Connect?

No. Healthy Emory Connect is free to eligible Emory employees.

  • How do you join Healthy Emory Connect?

To join Healthy Emory Connect visit on or after January 8, 2018.

  • Is there a Mobile App?

Yes. To download the mobile app, visit the iTunes store (Apple product users) or Google Play (Android product users) and search for "Virgin Pulse". Note: you will not be able to login to the app until after you have registered through the web-based platform.

  • What type of device do I need to download the Mobile App?

Android Devices: Software version required: 4.3 and up Supported devices include: ▫ Samsung Galaxy S8 ▫ Samsung Galaxy S7 ▫ Samsung Galaxy S6 ▫ Samsung Galaxy S5 ▫ Samsung Galaxy S4 ▫ Samsung Galaxy S3 ▫ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ▫ Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ▫ Moto-X (First Gen) ▫ Moto-G (Second Gen) ▫ HTC One M7 ▫ HTC One M8 ▫ Google Nexus 5 (running 4.3 or higher) ▫ Google Nexus 6 ▫ Google Pixel ▫ LG G3
iOS Devices: Software version required: 9.3 and up. Supported devices include: ▫ iPhone ▫ iPad ▫ iPod Touch
Browser Support: • Internet Explorer 11 • Google Chrome (latest version)
Operating Software (i.e. for laptop and desktop computers): • Windows 7 and above • MAC OS 10.6 and above


  • Is my Healthy Emory Connect “profile” important?

Yes. You can add a profile picture, connect a fitness wearable device, and set your email preferences in your profile. You can access your profile by going to the Healthy Emory Connect homepage and scrolling to the top right corner and clicking on the shaded silhouette. Scroll down to “My Profile”.

  • Are my Healthy Emory Connect “interests” important?

Yes. The type of health and wellbeing resources that you are shown when you log into Healthy Emory Connect is based on the "Interest" areas you select. You can select up to 9 Interest areas. You can access your “Interest” areas by going to the Healthy Emory Connect homepage and clicking on the shaded silhouette (top right corner). Scroll down to “My Interests”.

  • Are wellness challenges contained in Healthy Emory Connect?

Yes. A variety of challenges that you can initiate yourself are offered through Healthy Emory Connect. We will also be using this platform for Emory-wide challenges like the Move More Challenge.

  • Can I sync a fitness wearable device to Healthy Emory Connect?

A variety of fitness wearables and mobile applications can be connected to Healthy Emory Connect. You can also view a list of supported devices HERE.

  • Can my family & friends (non-Emory employees) join Healthy Emory Connect?

All Healthy Emory Connect members can invite up to 10 friends & family to join (non-Emory employees). The friends and family who accept the invitation will have access to limited portions of Healthy Emory Connect.


  • Can I view how much I’ve earned towards my Emory medical plan incentives?

Yes. Your medical plan incentive status can be viewed on Healthy Emory Connect. You will be able to view the points you have earned and the levels you have achieved (Level 1 – Level 4). If you completed a colonoscopy or Cologuard test, this will only appear on Aetna Navigator.

  • What are our 2018 Emory Medical Plan incentives?

To encourage you to take an active role in your health and wellbeing, Emory provides financial incentives for healthy actions. You can save money on your medical expenses by taking action and doing things that help you live a healthier lifestyle. The following incentives are offered for 2018: • Healthy Emory Connect: platform registration ($25) • Healthy Emory Connect: health risk assessment completion ($50) • Healthy Emory Connect: rewards level(s) completion ($225) • Colonoscopy or Cologuard ($100). The Colonoscopy/Cologuard incentive is available to both spouse and employees.

  • Can I earn my Emory medical plan incentives through HE Connect?

Yes. You can earn points by registering on the Healthy Emory Connect platform, completing the health risk assessment (HRA) and by completing a variety of activities in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, learning, sleep and stress management. These points will be translated to medical plan incentive dollars. Learn more.

  • What activities can I complete to earn points?

You can earn points through a variety of activities such as connecting and using a fitness tracking device, tracking healthy habits, adding recipes to your grocery list, and learning about your sleep habits. View all tracking opportunities HERE.

  • How much time will it take once I have completed activities on Healthy Emory Connect and they appear in my medical plan account?

Please allow 3 weeks from the time you complete activities on Healthy Emory Connect. They will then be documented in your Emory medical plan account on Aetna Navigator under “Stay Healthy” and then “Incentives.”


  • How does Healthy Emory Connect protect my personal information?

Emory has chosen Virgin Pulse as our third-party business partner to provide Healthy Emory Connect as our health management platform. Please view the Virgin Pulse Inc. privacy policy HERE.

  • What type of data is contained in Healthy Emory Connect?

Healthy Emory Connect will contain individual-level registration data (name, employee number, email and work location), information collected through connected apps & devices (participant step counts, distance, active minutes), record of your participation in activities and challenges and your rewards. Aggregate (group-level) data will be used for program evaluation. You are under no obligation to provide any personal information at any time. However, if you should choose to withhold specific information, you may be unable to utilize certain services.

  • Who can view the individual-level data contained in Healthy Emory Connect?

Access to individual-level data is restricted to Virgin Pulse employees on a need-to-know basis and is used primarily for customer service and for incentive administration purposes.

  • How will my data be used by the Emory administrators of Healthy Emory Connect?

Only aggregate (group-level) data & reports will be available to Emory administrators and will be used for the purpose of program evaluation. For programs such as the Move More Challenge, Emory administrators will have access to the names of individuals who meet certain step thresholds for the purposes of prize distribution.

  • What is Aetna's role with Healthy Emory Connect?

Aetna is Emory's business partner who administers our health plan incentives. Aetna will receive information that indicates if an individual has reached a specific reward level in Healthy Emory Connect for the purposes of administering the health plan incentives. Aetna protects all employee data through secure processes, procedures and protocols to ensure confidentiality.


  • How do I contact Customer Support for Healthy Emory Connect issues?

Contact them by clicking the Support Tab along the right side of the screen or going to Type your question in the search field or you can submit a request by selecting the Submit a Request button from the menu across the top of the screen. Another option is the Chat function. Contact them by clicking the Chat Tab along the right side of the screen and the reply is fairly instantaneous. Lastly, you can also contact Customer Support via telephone at 833-532-6896.

  • My question is not on this list. How can I get it answered?

Contact Emory Health and Wellness at or 404-712-3775.