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Keep Emory moving! 52% of the Emory population “sits most of the day.”

Active Works encourages Emory employees to increase movement throughout their workday!

Learn more about the resources and programs that can work for YOU to help you have more energy at work, think more clearly, sleep better, feel better, and have fun!

Regardless of where you work, when you work, or how you work, Active Works has options for everyone!

Get Active In Your Workplace!

Active Works for Individuals

Active Works for Meetings/Huddles

Active Works for Groups

Invite Us to a Meeting For a Chance to Win a Fitbit!

Try Regular Walking Meetings

If you meet one-on-one with individuals or in small groups with others, walking meetings are a great way to add activity to your day without having to find extra time in your busy schedule.

Go From One Place to Another

Discover ways you can add more activity as you travel daily to or from work, around Emory for meetings, or to lunch!

Short on time?

Take a minute or two for a burst of movement!

Need to know how to get started?

Invite us for a visit!
Invite us for a visit during your next meeting, huddle, or activity. We'll demo how Active Works can work for your group, and you will be entered into our quarterly giveaway for a new Fitbit!

Contact us at or 404.712.3775


You can also view the Active Works Webinar for more information!