Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Courtesy Scholarship?

The Courtesy Scholarship is a grant that covers tuition exclusively (not textbooks, fees or other miscellaneous charges). It is made available to Emory employees and their family members who apply and are admitted for enrollment in academic programs at Emory University. The percentage of tuition covered depends on your years of service.

  • Who is eligible to participate in the Courtesy Scholarship?

Regular full-time employees who have completed 1 year of consecutive service are eligible to enroll in undergraduate, graduate or professional level courses up to 5 credit hours per academic session (for the purposes of this policy, 36 hours or more is considered regular full-time). Regular part-time employees working at least 20 hours per week and completing 2 years of consecutive service are eligible to enroll in undergraduate, graduate or professional level courses up to 4 credit hours per academic session.

  • When will the Courtesy Scholarship be available?

To determine when the Courtesy Scholarship is available to you, just visit Self-Service. Once in Self-Service, click Benefits; then Education Benefit Program. Under Instructions for First Time Applicants, click Employee, Spouse or Same-Sex Domestic Partner; then click on Continue (bottom right). These steps will take you to the page to view your current Courtesy Scholarship Eligibility Status and the dates you and your dependents are eligible.

  • What courses are covered by the Courtesy Scholarship?

The Courtesy Scholarship covers only academic credit hours for which an employee, spouse/same-sex domestic partner or child (natural or legally adopted) actually enrolls in an academic session, up to the maximum credit hours allowed. Eligible dependents of regular full-time and part-time eligible employees may enroll in undergraduate courses only.

  • What courses are NOT covered by the Courtesy Scholarship?

Courses taken on an audit basis are not covered under the Courtesy Scholarship Program. Graduate course work for spouses/same-sex domestic partners is not available as of January 1, 2003.