October 10, 2016

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Learning and Organizational Development Holds Graduation

On September 23, 2016, the Learning and Organizational Development Department held a graduation ceremony for graduates of the following programs:  The Essentials of Leadership at Emory, Aspiring Leaders at Emory, Administrative Professionals Program, the HR Rep Certification Program, and Mentor Emory.

Administrative Professional Program


(L-R) – Melody Johnson-Instructor, Alexis Gruczkowski, Sonya Sutton, Katherine Upshaw, Marisela Herrera, Ayanna Smith, Elizabeth Rybicki, Denise Fennell, Linda Williams, Deborah Holt, Kandice Pampuri, Leonard Lamb, Brenda Robinson, and Michelle Brown.

Aspiring Leaders at Emory


Sitting (L-R) – Veronica M. Roman, Kevin Deshown Parks, Stella J. Clarke-Dubose, Moreblessing Dzivakwe, Gracie Liedberg
Second Row (L-R) – Joi Mindingall, Jacquie R. Johnson, Galina Terbova, Rachel Fowler, Elijah Ajayi, Courtney Jones-Stevens, Raymond Pullins, Sean Liang, Nicole R. Ingram, Shaundrea Rhodes-Instructor
Third Row (L-R) – Kyle William Griffith, Brandon McLendon, Edgar A. Perez Avila, Josh Gilbert, Fred Harroway
Not Pictured – Robin V. Mitchell, Meghan Sullivan

Essentials of Leadership at Emory


First Row (L-R) – Rita Foster, Nadine Alliance, Yohannes Dawd, John Lawley, Emily Fitzpatrick, Dionna Thomas, Emily Tallant,
Second Row (L-R) – Lauren Wheeler, Jody Hayles, Nah H. Nguyen, Gerald Coleman, Marcha Gatewood, Taiwana Mearidy, Tonja Jones, Anne M. Hatch, Courtnay Oddman, Robert Forbes
Third Row (L-R) – Patrick Stanford, Mandi Blochberger, Melanie Baumunk, Regina Barrett,Not Pictured, Sheila Heeke

Mentor Emory


Bottom Row (L-R) –  Kesley Tyson, Fhaierr Steele, Traci May, Sondia Barner, Julia Myles
Top Row (L-R) –  Latoria Spencer, Addison Jones, Mary Ellen Nessmith, April Lewis, Taj Givens-McCall, Gregory Johnstone


Frist  Row (L-R) –  Chuck McConnell,  Jay Flanagan, Katie Busch,  Robert Nadolski
Second Row (L-R) – Haniya Vaid, Dawn Francis-Chewning, Judy Philip, Roman Damena, Cynetta Freeman, Laura Papotto
Not pictured - David Goetsch, Marlon Gibson, Derek Spransy, Melanie Lawrence

HR Rep Certification Program

HR Rep Level I
Cattani Allen
Vivian Boyd
Toni Cross
Samantha Dowell
Raciquel Edwards
Michol Hilton
Brenda Huffman
Fadi Rammo
Desire Warner
HR Rep Level II
Cattani Allen
Samantha Dowell
Raciquel Edwards
Michol Hilton
Brenda Huffman
Lynn Magee
Fadi Rammo
Desire Warner

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