Parenting Education and Resources

Emory University is partnering with Peace At Home Parenting Solutions to help you take some of the stress out of parenting. Let us help you solve big and small parenting challenges, from age prenatal to young adult, with solutions that are proven to work and easy to use. Resources include live and recorded sessions, parenting library, monthly live Q&A, parenting groups and one:one consulting.

Peace At Home Parenting is ready to help!

Our experts have advanced degrees and are armed with the knowledge, guidance, and support to help you with any challenges relating to:

  • Prenatal first year           
  • ADHD   
  • Health & Wellness
  • Toddler/Preschool          
  • Autism  
  • School Age         
  • Anxiety 
  • Teens   
  • Managing Emotions       
  • Young Adult       
  • LGBTQ  
  • Mental Health   
  • Co-Parenting     


  • Weekly live and recorded parenting classes.
  • Quick video solutions libraries that offer over 150 on-demand, proven parenting solutions. Each library includes 10-minute videos and handouts.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions/open office hours. Bring your questions for on-the-spot answers.
  • Private Facebook group moderated by our parenting experts.
  • Access to parent guides who are ready to help find you the resources you need.
  • 1:1 private consulting: Individual guidance from one of our experts can turn around a challenging situation or support you along your journey. Emory University provides families up to 60 minutes, at no cost to you each year. Visit your Parenting Solutions Portal for details.

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Email A Peace At Home parent guide will connect you with services to help you gain more clarity and confidence as a parent.