Workers' Compensation

The Office of Occupational Injury Management is your resource for workplace injury and workers' compensation information.

How to report an incident or exposure

Emory employees

If you have an emergent work-related injury or illness, you should immediately call the Advanced Practice Practitioner on call for Occupational Injury Management (OIM) at 404-686-5500, ID #50464.

You should also report your incident using the HOME portal which can be accessed via Self-Service/PeopleSoft. After logging in, click on Workplace Health. View step-by-step instructions.



Non-Emory employees

If you are a non-Emory employee (community provider, unpaid student, contract worker), you should immediately call the on call Advanced Practice Practitioner for Occupational Injury Management (OIM) immediately at 404-686-5500, ID #50464.

You will not be able to submit an incident report using Self-Service.


Workers' Compensation services available through Occupational Injury Management (OIM) include:

  • Clinical care including assessments, diagnosis and management of biological and chemical exposures.
  • Clinical case management of occupational illnesses and injuries.
  • Injury prevention programs that include safety prevention for blood and body fluid exposures.
  • Health hazard assessments and surveillance of employee population, workplace and community groups.
  • Recordkeeping in accordance with the standards of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OHSA) and applicable state and federal laws.
  • Analysis and trending of illness and injury episodes.
  • Collaboration with Emory University and Emory Healthcare safety departments to promote and protect employee health and safety.

Emory's Workers' Compensation Administrator:

Brentwood Services
P.O. Box 471127
Charlotte, NC 28247-1127