Above and Beyond Submissions

April Tines: April was the charge nurse in ICU. Instead of giving me an admission while I had a crashing patient, she took the admit herself, in spite of being extremely busy. She is always helpful, and always brings a smile to the workplace!


Ebony Kearse: You are a patient and great trainer. I thank you for always willing to assist with no question. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE APART OF THIS AMAZING TEAM! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Fawn Grear

Dr. Rocarro, the Liver Transplant Team and his coordinator Yolanda: Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Rocarro and especially being updated from Yolanda. They have always responded quickly and thoroughly since my husband's transplant in 2019. He's had quite a lot of issues and their concern and help is why we chose the Emory network for medical care. Please relay our sincere gratitude for the entire Transplant team. - Sincerely, Ed and Joanne Sanders

Joanne Sanders

Jessica Rosario, Proton Therapy Center: My parents have been bugging me, asking me to find a way to recognize Jessica or find her supervisor at the proton center, but I was never able to find any information out on the days that I was there. From our initial consultation visit, Jessica was so warm, friendly and so positive. I remember her saying that she (Emory) would walk alongside us through my dads journey in radiation. She told him that even on the bad days, he had to be positive. She was able to talk to them in Spanish and give them such reassurance that they were making the right decision by coming to this center. Day in and day out, I would watch her interact with other patients both in Spanish and in English. She also has a way with the kids that would be coming or leaving each morning. Some days she would be cleaning the coffee machine area or picking up garbage from the floor, and always did it quietly and never complained. What a blessing to have a person that is willing to go above and beyond her title and not be stuck behind a desk. Any patient that was elderly coming in with a walker or wheelchair she would quickly come around her desk to meet them at their level and helped them with whatever they needed. She is a beautiful human being and she deserves more than a raise or recognition. She's a hard working Latina woman that is helping this community one patient at a time. I hope that wherever my dad and mom go, that they always find a "Jessica" to help them every step of the way, when I am unable to be there. God bless you all in the center!


Linda Erhard: Linda, thank you for your continued and tireless work to support both the Laptop Loaner program and Emory Together Fund through Salesforce. Your routine reports and regular communication have made the work for others and me so much better. When you receive a request to do something, it is always with a smile and can do attitude. I feel blessed to call you my colleague and enjoy working with you. Thank you for your dedication to your role and the work you do behind the scenes to support our students!

Heather Mugg

Amy Montgomery: One of the most essential components to the security department is our dispatcher. Her bigger than life personality will keep you laughing and her knowledge and customer service skills is without a doubt the best in first class. Once you meet her you’ll understand why.

Larissa Perkins

Sheena front desk at Emory Vascular: Sheena went above and beyond to take care of me. She kept my wife informed who had to wait in the waiting area due to COVID. What a great employee you have!!! Keep doing what you do Sheena, making patients feel comfortable and taken care of!!!

Tammy Smith

7G nursing staff and respiratory therapy: Amazing job at Code MET called early in the morning on 11/30/20. Patient received great care and was transferred to the MICU very quickly. Thank you all so much!

Sam Huxley

Rachel Veldman, RN, Winship Cancer Institute: I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel (albeit from afar) for almost 3 years now. She is nothing short of AMAZING! Anytime our office needs assistance, even if it isn't from her department, she is always willing to help in anyway she can. She is prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and reliable. I certainly hope that management and administration appreciate the asset they have and do whatever necessary to hold on to her! Even though we have never met in person, I can say with absolute certainty that she is one of the hardest working people out there. Thanks for everything you do!!!

Melissa Moon

Honey Bunting, NP (& ARC Staff): Dr. Bunting has screened me for COVID multiple times this school year, and each time she has been so lovely and kind! I can tell she's an incredibly empathetic, thoughtful practitioner and I'm so glad to have been cared for by her. She really takes the time to meet the patient where they are, and she made sure to ask me every time I saw her if I had any questions, concerns, or anything else I needed to talk about. I am so impressed by the level of professionalism, empathy and care she provides, especially given what I'm sure is a high caseload and a high-stress position in seeing potential COVID-positive patients. (Also, everyone I interacted with at the ARC in all the visits I had was wonderful, competent, and incredibly professional--kudos to the whole team!)


Jody Hayle: Thank you for always going the extra mile.

Kameelah Moon

Molly Lawrence: Molly has truly outdone herself with planning the SOM's faculty orientation! She has worked tirelessly to make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes, helped the presenters develop their content and presentations, and kept a good attitude throughout all of the crazy things that happened! She is an amazing employee and deserves to be recognized for all of her hardwork!

Caroline Moore

Cognitive Empowerment Program Staff: The Cognitive Empowerment Program team is truly inspiring. They continue to rise to the call in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working together they pivoted from offering in-person services to offering virtual services to the members and families they serve. This was a heavy lift from the entire group and required fast-paced teamwork. But they did not stop there. They continue to innovate and improve of what they can do and offer from afar, always putting the people they serve at the center of what they do. They lift each other up, not always agreeing on how to move forward, but always listening and respecting one another's opinions, which allows them to grow and build on each others' strengths and because of this they are unstoppable! I have never worked with such a passionate, ambitious, and cohesive group of people.

Heather Johnson

Victor Jackson: Mr. Victor Jackson is always going above and beyond in having the building running smoothly especially during the time of COVID19. As a person involved in COVID19 projects, I have been working everyday and have never had difficult time reaching Mr. Jackson about any issues or questions. He is always smiling and willing to work with our situations. His ability to understand the situation and provide quickest and effective solution has allowed us to be 100% active.

Jun Ahn

Kimber Clark: Kimber Clark is amazing!! Thank you so much Kimber for all that you have done, your patience, approachable demeanor, and understanding of the student experience including and beyond the realm of academics. It is done gracefully and translates extremely well across multiple demographics. Cheers!!

Bria Henson

David Kooby: Handled the entire surgical oncology service, while his two partners were away, despite being exceedingly busy operatively and administratively. Exceptional support for his junior partners and respecting their time off.


Donald Livingston: Thank you for being my most memorable teacher of my entire education. I think of you often and hope you are doing well.

Anastasia DelMar

Maureen Thompson, Safety Office: Maureen has always done an incredible job keeping track of folks here at Yerkes and making sure that everyone feel safe. She has been so busy during this pandemic period however she continues to give each person individual attention and reassurance. She remains cheerful and positive, even if the face of challenges and obstacles. I appreciate her leadership and I value our professional relationship.

Mark Sharpless

Animal Resources Department at the Yerkes Field Station: I just wanted to give a shout out to recognize all of my animal resource colleagues at the Yerkes Primate Center Field Station. The hard work and dedication throughout this time has been outstanding. Even with decreased staffing and larger workloads the staff continued to take amazing care of the primates all while having a positive and uplifting attitude. I am truly grateful to work with such amazing people.

Matthew Huitron

Rich Johnston: I'd like to recognize my supervisor Rich Johnston for his steadfast support of the well-being of our team. I'm truly grateful I can count on him for understanding how it important it is we all put our health first.

Jessica Randall

Dr. Sharon Horesh Bergquist: Dr. Bergquist has been my physician for several years and she provides truly exceptional care. I like her so much, I have recommended her to my friends. I appreciate her sincere interest and concern for me as a patient and person and feel that my health has improved since I became her patient. She takes the time to listen and talk; I enjoy our conversations and she puts me at ease. Dr. Bergquist always makes very helpful and thoughtful recommendations for treatments and lifestyle habits. She is always kind and compassionate. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Bergquist is my doctor and I hope that she and her family are staying healthy and doing well during these challenging times.

Jennifer Elder

Colony Management Department: I would like to recognize the entire Colony Management department at the Yerkes Field Station. Every member of this team has gone above and beyond; they truly work as a team. They are completely dedicated to one another, to their jobs, and to the animal colony. During the months of staff reduction, it was challenging for them to not see some of their coworkers, both logistically and personally. Yet they found innovative ways to continue to communicate important aspects of the job, and never lost sight of the ultimate goals -- all while staying safe. Thank you very much for your commitment!

Tracy Meeker

All Animal Care, Colony Management, Vet Staff who have been caring for the animals during all this time: In my opinion these folks are the unsung heroes of the pandemic, working hard every day and going in to work during a time of uncertainty and often required to use childcare services which only increases personal risk and anxiety in order to make sure that the animals at Yerkes are taken care of with all the attention and devotion they deserve. I see signs every day thanking health care and essential workers and they are so deserving of that praise but these guys going in to feed and clean up after and tend to the animals at Yerkes are also worthy of all the appreciation we can provide them.

Andrea Clay

Animal Care Staff: I want to acknowledge all of the care techs that have continued going to work to care for the animals each day. Our world was turned upside down overnight, and everyone was impacted in one way or another. You are essential in the daily care and wellbeing of the animals, and without you, the research could not continue! Animals will be an important part of finding a vaccine for COVID-19. Thank you for doing what you do.


QTM Staff: A huge thank you to Eva Lewandowski and Sandra Ruhlman Smith for being such incredible teammates both before and throughout this recent challenging transition. It has been so refreshing to have teammates who are both resourceful and innovative in a time when these qualities are needed most. I am proud of the work that we as QTM staff do to support the department and its continued growth.

Areanna Novaes Sabine

Clinical Skills Center Team: Thank you for your incredible resilience during these uncertain times. In a matter of a week, you all came together to provide remote human simulation for numerous learners. You have shown such innovation and tenacity. I feel incredibly lucky to call you colleagues. Your teamwork has truly made this transition a smooth one. Thank you.

Gina Shannon

Jean Williams: Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice in standing and working during this unprecedented time in all of our lives. It did not go unnoticed. You are an amazing supervisor and greatly appreciated! May you and your family be blessed abundantly.

Alicia Yearell

Taylor Deane: Taylor is our research administration coordinator and although she is coordinates activities for two principle investigators her helpful reach extends beyond these two labs and effort still feels 100%. When the research labs felt the challenges from the COVID-19 response, Taylor has helped coordinate the essential activities that have maintained the routine feel of the lab, even with the limitations presented. She has helped tremendously, despite working remotely, in keeping our lab united and responsive amidst the separation and uncertainty. Thank you Taylor for taking the initiative to keep us within sights of our capacity!

Cynthia Breeden

Harriet Ruskin: Thank you for sewing masks for us and taking care of international students while you are having a back injury.


Professor Giacomo Negro: Pre-COVID-19, Professor Negro was a fantastic instructor, enthusiastic lecturer, and even better mentor. However, it is his poise and guidance since we have moved to online learning that in my eyes, separates him from the rest. Each class he would spend the first few minutes touching base with as many students as possible to make sure they are doing well and that their transition has been okay. Many students had reached out with concerns about class material and balancing their work, and Professor Negro put them at ease with reassuring guidance and wisdom. The amount of calls and messages I have received from students regarding their gratitude for Professor Negro has been immense. He created an incredible culture around his class and students leave their sessions in OAM 335/538 with positivity and enlightenment. For example, and this is just one, Professor Negro had the idea to create a playlist of songs that are happy and upbeat to share with students so they can listen to it and feel good in their free time, while working out, or spending time with family and friends in quarantine. Professor Negro’s parents have been quarantined in Italy for quite some time. Although this situation has been hard for many of us, I can only imagine how tough it must be to have to worry about your parents every day. However, not a day goes by where he isn’t resilient, strong, and determined to make his students more focused on their studies and give them the ability to have strength through these tough times. I believe he is an exact definition of what Goizueta and Emory stands for and acts as a model for other faculty and students.


Eduardo Acevedo: I would like to recognize Eddie for being an outstanding leader. He always makes himself readily available to assist with whatever task is at hand. He is attentive to the safety needs of his team and does his best to make sure we have what we need to accomplish our goals. His "can do" attitude is inspiring. Thank you Eddie!

DeAnna Beckett

Oxford's Housing team - Michele Hempfling, Carlos Northern, Frad Barry, Taylor Bischoff, Claudia Fontaine, and Stephanie Maddox: You all are amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work and exceptional care in helping our students during the sudden move off campus. You all are true heroes and so appreciated!!

Daphne Orr

Emory Decatur Covid+ ICU Dr. Chaudhari, and all ICU MDs, RNs and APPs: Thank you all, and Dr. Chaudhari, for allowing us to come to the ICU and work with you. It was a positive experience, despite the negative circumstances. Y’all have a strong team and I learned so much from you all. I have so much respect for each and every one of you. And thank you, Dr. Chaudhari , for taking time to discuss new findings with us on each shift. Makes me proud to be an Emory team member. All the best! Cybill Hunt, ESA Anesthesia

Nikulkumar Chaudhari

Lisbeth “Lisa” Higgins NP (Cardiology, EUH): I would like to recognize Lisa Higgins, NP for her tireless dedication to Emory Healthcare and the patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. She ALWAYS maintains a positive attitude, even in the most trying of times! She shows up to help no matter what! She also uses her creative abilities to make really cool masks and hats for those who may need them to stay safe! Thank You Lisa!!!!


Katherine Hinson and the Law registrar team: Dear Katherine and colleagues in the Law registrar's office: You are always amazing, but your successful efforts to get the law school through the end of this spring semester have been truly extraordinary! Thanks for all your innovative work, your partnership before and during exams to make them manageable for students and faculty, and your good humor throughout. You're the best! -- Katherine Brokaw

Katherine Brokaw

Susan Cooper: Susan epitomizes the old BASF commercial claims...she makes everything better. She is intelligent, fair, diligent and compassionate. Her approach to work, and life, for that matter, are a shining example to be followed. I will be forever thankful for her mentorship and friendship, especially during this challenging time in our lives. Susan YOU ROCK!

Trisha Wilson

Courtney Stombock: Thank you for your calm and confident leadership. Your dedication to always searching for new and innovative ways to serve our community is inspirational.

Jennifer Crabb Kyles

Emory Global Health Institute: I would like to give a special shout out and thanks to my most exceptional colleagues in the Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI): Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, Pam Redmon, Parmi Suchdev, Rebecca Baggett, Keriann Roy, Britton Tuck and Kim Nolte! Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the EGHI team has hosted and sponsored three very successful virtual projects and events: 1) International Global Health Case Competition; 2) COVID-19 eBook contest for books for children 6-9 years old, for which we received over 250 submissions; 3) a joint EGHI / GA Tech Hackathon. It is such a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of people -- and I am grateful to call them friends, as well as colleagues.

Stacey Paschal

Dr. Usha Ramakrishnan and Ms. Maria Sullivan: I am at awe at how Dr. Usha Ramakrishnan and Ms. Maria Sullivan work seamlessly together to keep our department united. Dr. Ramakrishnan's strong leadership skills have navigated the department through these challenging times with tempered ease, and with Maria Sullivan's strong management skills, have made the faculty and staff feel connected to one another. The duo has truly been the glue for our department. They deserve the recognition for all that they do!

Sandra Smith

John Willingham: John Willingham has once again proven that he gives his all for Emory's students. In dealing with the switch to on-line course delivery, he has answered frantic phone calls on Sunday mornings, late evenings and all other times. He has worked with me and my TA's to help us best use Canvas and to address Canvas design issues and to help integrate Canvas with other IT-ed. systems. John consistently goes above and beyond and Emory should celebrate his commitment to our delivering the best possible experience!

Allison Burdette

Housing and Residence Life staff in Raoul: They helped students throughout the pandemic who were sick and well. The staff packed my room and shipped my belongings to me, and also gave housing to students who could not leave campus.


Corky, Scott, and the entire law school IT team: Not just during the past two months, but consistently over time, you have been unflappable, gracious, ever-ready to help with the critical tools that make it possible for us to do our work in today's connected world. We do stupid things, overlook basic techniques, ask dumb questions, yet you never treat us like idiots. People muck up the equipment in our classrooms, mess with your careful set-ups, call upon you at odd hours. You're always there for us, making sure that our devices are working, behind the scenes, so that we don't need to think about them. We tend to forget about you until we need you, and you are always there. You deserve an enormous amount of credit for seeing us through the remote learning crash course this spring, and for so much more. Thanx.


Esther Kim Ruder: Esther Ruder came to us a little over a year ago and since then we have realized what a gem we have in her with our Pre-RAS group here at Yerkes. She started handling pre-RAS work at Yerkes and when our Manager left, stepped into her shoes and has been an incredible Interim Manager that we truly hope is offered and accepts the permanent position of Manager. She works many more hours that she needs to and does so without complaint. She never shows anger or disgust and is always the first to praise and uplift someone who is feeling down. She is a world of knowledge and doesn't seem to be concerned with the multitude of questions all of us have for her. As interim manager she has handled the position with the utmost grace and knowledge and I know that I not only speak for myself but for all of us in the RAS her at Yerkes.

Ingrid Budreckas

Lorra Julian: Lorra Julian has been our Vole colony person for over 20 years. During the COVID-19 Pandemic she tirelessly came into Yerkes to take care of the Vole colony. She realized when the COVID-19 became a pandemic, that older animals had to be taken care of and that she did after advising her PI. She came in to take care of the older animals, the new born, and the paired groups. I just want her to know how appreciated she is and that her dedication to the animals does not go unnoticed.

Ingrid Budreckas

Sam Timme: Sam is my go-to person for Canvas tech support. I shudder to think what we would do without him. Thanks for all your help, particularly last semester, Sam! Lifesaver!

Donna Maney

Katie Green: Thank you, Katie for partnering with me on the ENVS seminar class, and leading us through the smooth transition to remote teaching and discussions. The second half of the semester was a success thanks to you.

Uriel Kitron

Dr. Michael Huerkamp: Dr. Huerkamp has been such a fantastic director this year. During this time of uncertainty, he has gone above and beyond to make me feel supported every day by guiding, encouraging, inspiring and motivating me as well as others, even by coming at my office doorstep. He has been such an amazing director.


Michael Huerkamp: As the leader of Emory’s Division of Animal Resources, Dr. Huerkamp is going above and beyond to make sure all of DAR’s staff stay informed, involved and aware during this chaotic and strange time. From daily updates to sharing personal hardships to being on the ground everyday, working hands-on to keep staff and all of the animals DAR is responsible for safe and healthy, Dr. Huerkamp is showing us how to lead with decisiveness and compassion and we are lucky to have him.


School of Medicine Student Affairs Dept. - OMESA: This group of ladies work very hard and do not receive the proper recognition. They are and have been very dependable, hardworking and trustworthy with handling all of the students information enrolled and graduated from the School of Medicine during this pandemic.


Dr. Erica Moore: Dr. Moore has been so supportive and encouraging through the change in times. She's gone above and beyond to ensure the transition to remote education is seamless and stress-free. The assistance with the delivery of content as well as including additional tools to help us be successful this semester has exemplified a truly great leader and professor. We appreciate all of her efforts. Thank you Dr. Moore!


Dr. Anthony Martin: Dr. Martin handled the transition to online learning with such care, compassion, and understanding. The first day of class, he asked us each individually where we were, how we were doing, and how our loved ones were faring. He then said goodbye to us one by one, taking the time and energy to make us feel seen and cared for. He carried this tone through the rest of the semester, teaching us important writing tools and lessons while also being flexible to meet our individual needs and situations. Dr. Martin also met with me a couple of times during one-on-one office hours, offering advice and a listening ear to help me work towards goals I had set for myself even beyond our time together in this particular course. Dr. Martin is by far the best professor I've had at Emory so far. I learned how to tell compelling stories, sure, but also how to treat others with kindness and compassion. He truly was a model of resilience and flexibility during these times of great uncertainty.


Lavezza Zanders: Lavezza has been a huge help to our research team; helping keep us informed as processes constantly change and lending a hand despite her current responsibilities. Thank you Lavezza! We appreciate you!


Sarah Bogue: Sarah did an outstanding job of helping Candler faculty move classes online. Not only did she teach an endless number of classes on Zoom and Canvas to faculty, she was also readily available (often within seconds of my sending an email) to help with technical difficulties. She is an incredibly methodical, clear and patient teacher, and made the process so much less daunting. Thank you, Sarah!


Cheryl Coulhurst: Cheryl and her team have spent countless hours of work to close down and then re-open Hundreds of jobs and smiled all the way through it! Thanks for being such a great partner in all this.

David Goetsch

The Oxford Advancement and Alumni Engagement: Thank you to the best team - Brian, Kevin, Latasha, and Tony! I look forward to when we can work together again in person. You make work more enjoyable and fun. Miss you all.

Tammy Camfield

Oxford College: Thank you to the Emory Community, in particular the Administration, Staff, Faculty and Students of Oxford College. 2019/2020 was my first year with Oxford and it's been a great time, with wonderfully resilient, communal and welcoming people who recognize that there is so much to be thankful for and expressing thanks through the "pedagogy of kindness." #Emorytogether #wemadeit #oxfordforward

Tiffany Whitfield

Kay Manning: For 40 years, Kay Manning has been an EXCEPTIONAL employee of Emory! She's seen it all: institution-wide changes in leadership, structure, processes and technology. Through it all, she has been a crucial part of ensuring staff are recognized for their contributions. She is truly an asset to HR and the Big E!


Maria A. Sullivan: Dear Maria, for years, you have helped me and our program in many ways! I want you to know that I value and deeply appreciated your never ending support and assistance. Your commitment and dedication to help have never wavered all throughout the years that I worked with you. I also want to thank you for uplifting the Global Health department -- the yearly highlights like Hair-O-Ween, holiday party/trivia and singing contest are always a blast! I also want to personally thank you for your guidance and for solving many issues that come our way over the years. Our programs are successful and goals were accomplished with your help. You are the person behind our successes and I am always grateful that you are there for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Pia Valeriano

31 ICU @ EUHM: Shout out to my 31 ICU FAMILY, As everyone returns and continues to provide exceptional patient care! Im blessed to have worked with the team for 6 years throughout ups and downs, this has been a challenging year! Shout out to those who have been devoted to our patients!

Dashika Daniels

Winship Development: Through COVID-19 and all the time, Winship Development team is connecting allies to Winship's fight against cancer. Thank you for working so hard to help donors understand the needs of cancer researchers.


Julie Seaman: Julie, thank you for being a great boss! I appreciate your support, your listening, your good guidance, and your being generally a great colleague and a menschette! Warmly, Katherine Brokaw

Katherine Brokaw

Monica Cloyd - Monica has been working through out the crisis. She helped in critical building management related activities. We would like to recognize her unmatched efforts. - Achyut & CAMS members

B.R Achyut

Rhani Lott and Cody Teague: Dear Rhani and Cody -- thank you for all you have done this academic year and especially the second half of this spring semester! Your care and concern for our law students, and your effective support for them across many needs, are so important. Thank you!

Katherine Brokaw

Faculty of the Economics Department: Thank you to our faculty for their commitment to giving our Class of 2020 graduates a meaningful and special graduation experience. To those who contributed Video Messages to our graduates and to those who held Farewell Social Meetings (by Zoom) with graduates and their families,THANK YOU! I know the effort it took to go the extra mile, especially during finals week, and I want you to know that it was greatly appreciated!

Renee Sevy-Hasterok

Peg Goedken: Thank you for being understanding, approachable, and completely real during these difficult few months. I appreciate you!

Debra Kozlowski

Sabrena Brown: Congratulations Sabrena for 20 years of service and support for Emory Nursing students. Thank you for all of your efforts and dedication to the Emory Community. CHEERS TO 20 YEARS!!!


Michael Huerkamp: As the leader of Emory’s Division of Animal Resources, Dr. Huerkamp is going above and beyond to make sure all of DAR’s staff stay informed, involved and aware during this chaotic and strange time. From daily updates to sharing personal hardships to being on the ground everyday, working hands-on to keep staff and all of the animals DAR is responsible for safe and healthy, Dr. Huerkamp is showing us how to lead with decisiveness and compassion and we are lucky to have him.


Valerie Jean: Thank you Val for getting so much accomplished for our new COVID project with an effortlessly positive attitude!

Debra Kozlowski

Sarah Cordes: Thank you for your support and hard work during our transition to remote work. You keep me feeling sane!

Debra Kozlowski

Allison Rollins, Katie Wilson, and Lakesia Hayes, my staff colleagues in the History Department: I want to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for my fabulous colleagues in the Department of History: Allison Rollins, Katie Wilson, and Lakesia Hayes. They have each gone above and beyond by continuing to provide the exceptional support and service to our faculty, undergrad students, graduate students, University, College, and LGS colleagues and each other while maintaining grace and calmness during this unprecedented stressful time. I cannot imagine having to navigate this chaotic period without them! The entire department appreciates their dedication and commitment to the department and to Emory. And, most of all, I want to thank them for the positive spirits, good humor, and collegial support they have given me through this difficult and uncertain time. They are the best team ever!!!

Becky Herring

Lynn Magee: As a new Emory staff member joining the University mid-March, Lynn Magee welcomed me with an immediate, practical onboarding session as we suspected that the pandemic would soon cause us to work from home. On my first day she made sure I was informed and connected with both Emory's online resources as well as key colleagues. Her thoughtful approach to my welcome ensured my ability to immediately access to the work that matters most, and perhaps most importantly to feel part of the community. Thank you, Lynn. I am so glad to be at Emory!

Hope Laman

Loretha Anderson: Thank you to Loretha for keeping the division organized - always, but especially since we've gone remote. We appreciate you!

Debra Kozlowski

Dr. Lewin and the EVPHA Leadership: You have been working non-stop on Healthcare issues, Research, and Education wrap up/restart. Take care of yourselves and know you are looked at as heroes!


David Giles: David is one of the best leaders I have ever worked for. He is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of Compass and is always the one everybody calls on. I am always learning new things whenever we handle an issue together. I have grown my knowledge of Compass immensely since working for David. I don't believe he ever gets the recognition he deserves so I wanted to make sure he did.


Oxford College Finance and Administration, led by Danielle Miller: You rock. Shout out for all the hard work that you have been doing!!!


The Center for Ethics - Faculty and Staff: I want to THANK all the faculty and staff at The Center for Ethics for welcoming me, teaching me, guiding me, supporting me and taking the time to get to know me and allowing me to get to know all of you remotely at this surreal time. I really appreciate all of you and how welcome you have made me feel. I am grateful to be part of this AMAZING unit at Emory!!!!

Natasha Lebowitz

Dr. Sarah Bogue helps train the faculty at Candler School of Theology to transition to remote teaching with understanding and care. She answers our questions, large or small, with clarity and patience. She responds to our emails promptly and provides detailed answers with screen shots. Her calm presence gives us confidence that we can weather the storm. I cannot imagine the school without her during the current crisis. She is loved by the students and was named Staff Person of the Year by the student body several years in a row.

Pui Lan Kwok

Amir Ali worked with his managers and solicited feedback from his employees on the COVID-19 crisis leveraging recommendations from CDC. The LITS Network Operations Center (NOC) and Engineer Run Team quickly transitioned to a split remote and on-site support model during the COVID-19 crisis. The resulting plan focused on the well being of the employees along with Emory and taking care of the community.

James Proctor

Emory Continuing Education Services Team - Thanks to this team for their quickness in getting our courses online, the tools in place, the training developed and executed, and the new tasks they have all been willing to take on in this new normal. Our department would not have been able to get these hundreds of courses scheduled, online for registration, and facilitated with ease without each and every one of you! You ALL are the reason for the amazing positive student evaluations and instructor support you have provided. Without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you for stepping up and demonstrating your loyalty to Emory and keeping the brand in tact in this incredible time of change in how we provide the most positive student experience. And as we say in our department ... teamwork makes the dream work!

Katharine Foster

Carma Adams, for unrelenting good cheer in support of faculty and students in our transition to online classes.

Polly Price

Dr. Letitia Campbell - During spring break our school learned that students would not be able to return to campus. Our Con Ed team has three members and two of us were away. Letitia began to explore how our office would take all 5 of our programs to an online reality. She along with Dr. Tom Elliott created a canvas site for all students to access for completion of site hours. She contacted every one of her students to ensure they would complete this semester successfully and opened up zoom office hours for all to connect with her with any questions She is our hero!

Carmen Toussaint

Kelly Yates, Halle Institute for Global Research, for unfailing good humor and keeping her colleagues sane.


Emily Morran: Emily, you have done such an excellent job of thinking of creative ways to support the PhD students of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (GDBBS). Thank you for your tireless efforts and commitment to our trainees. Your efforts are seen and appreciated. -DR


Lanny Liebeskind: Lanny, thank you for remembering the staff of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (GDBBS). You have intentionally reached out to us to make sure that we are doing well. In all of the busyness of serving in a dual role, you've made sure that the staff is up-to-date on the many moving parts associated with this pandemic. While you may not have all of the answers, you keep the door of communication open and assure us that we are heard and remembered. Thank you for keeping the needs of our trainees top of mind and ensuring that health and safety is the top priority. Your efforts are appreciated.


Keir Gray, Antoinette Holmes and Shirley Miller: These ladies have enthusiastically gone above and beyond what is expected. They never complain, and they tirelessly go the extra mile.


Kim Hemingway: Kim is the Asst. Director of Student Affairs in the SOM and during this time has had to facilitate the grading and enrollment changes and adjusts caused by COVID-19 single-handedly, as she is the only person on our staff with the ability to do these updates. Her work crosses over multiple programs including the medical and allied health programs. Whereas many people can run reports to do updates she has had to update our students one by one manually due to courses changing to pass fail or courses being cancelled and replaced. Additionally, she has had to do all of this while performing degree audits for the graduating class. Though it is her job and she doesn't complain, she has to be acknowledge for the enormous amount of work and time this involves.


HR Data Services Team: This team of essential employees stepped up and made the transition to remote work modifying several University processes and continued to rotate onto campus to perform essential HR functions for the entire University. Their work is a critical component to ensure all University employees are maintained in the HR/Payroll system. Their positive attitudes and resilience under massive changes have been a pleasure to witness. Great job Shan Baker, Emily Blackwell, Stephanie Brown, Adrena Hooks, Sherry Stodghill and Deja Youngblood!

Peter Buch

Academic Technology Services Team (LITS): This is not only one of the hardest working teams I know of, but they are also a delight to work with. When Emory transitioned to remote learning, our LMS Canvas took on a great deal more pressure, and this team is at the heart of keeping everything flowing smoothly for faculty, students, and staff alike. While the user questions and work load must have increased exponentially for this team, they continued to maintain dedication to other projects going on around campus as well. For example, I work closely with them on the EvaluationKIT project, the online course evaluation tool integrated with Canvas and available to Emory schools, and they are consistently willing to help with anything that arises and stay engaged and optimistic in every meeting. I continue to be so grateful to this team and the incredible product (Canvas) they support; I truly believe online learning has been made more possible and more successful thanks to each of these people.

Kait Tracy

Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz: The care, attention and compassion you've shown our students and colleagues across campus is remarkable. Thank you for always engaging, listening and carrying the load with all of us. We are so lucky to have you as our lead student doctor.


Karen L. Smith, thank you for all that you do! You have always gone above and beyond the call in everything you achieve to accomplish no matter the platform! Today I salute you, Karen!

Stephanie Harper

Tommy Wilson: Tommy is a consummate team player. He is helpful, resourceful and always gets the job done.


EDH Redeployed Greeters: Thank you for all that you are doing to keep the patients and staff here at Emory Decatur Hospital safe. You all are true heroes! Thank you!


Sarah Rawls: Sarah has been working tirelessly to ensure that our entire team weathers this storm in one piece. Our team is relatively "young" in terms of time at Emory, so Sarah is doing what she can to keep us all up-to-date on developments as they become available. We appreciate all that you do, Sarah!


EUHM 2nd Shift Radiology Department- TEAM: I would like to recognize this shift/team in particular because the team steps up and wraps up cases from 1st Shift and also try their best to make flow better for the 3rd shift. It's not easy being the in-between shift. These 2nd shift employees are timely and value patient care. These team members are dedicated and sometimes feel unappreciated. I want to delight them with this honor. I want them to know that the team is doing a GREAT service to the community and to the EMORY team. They work hard and are dedicated to making sure the department is being taken care of. This group of adults ARE valuable to the Emory team and trying their best during these difficult times.

Stephanie Jefferson

Quorteshia Johnson: A person with a heart of gold and a touching spirit. I appreciate all you did for me and my family. I appreciate all you do as a person. You’re one of a kind.


Kate Coblin: Kate, Your positive attitude, your motivation to help and facilitate in whatever way you can, and your unfailing ability to come through with the win for the psychology faculty, staff and students are always appreciated, but even more so now, as we work remotely and rely on you to watch over the home front at PAIS. The psychology department simply would not function without you!

Patty Brennan

Heather Dexter: Heather has lead our organization through this challenge with strength and support. She remains visible to all of the staff and is engaged in activities that promote team work. She leads by example and grace and has earned the respect of the ESJH employees. Heather truly cares about our patients and families and is committed to making decisions based on what is best for them! Thank you Heather for being the BEST CEO! We are truly blessed.

Lauren Marianacci

Beth Ellis: Beth, thank you for all your help with the handmade masks project. You've done an amazing job of keeping up with the incoming donations, getting them cleaned and helping with the distribution process! I've greatly appreciated your initiative and "can-do" attitude. So glad you are on my team for this project!! Thanks so much.

Karen Caughman

Todd Swink: Thank you so much for all your hard work on the MP3 initiative and the IDAS Training Program. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, you have not just maintained our operations, but even expanded them, by implementing COVID-19 specific funding calls, and further growing our academic community. You have smoothly transitioned our seminar series to a successful online format, facilitated progress reports, and communicated with all our reviewers and applicants in a seemingly effortless manner. You continue to play a major role in the success of our programs, and we thank you for that. Jaap de Roode, Guido Silvestri, Ken Moberg, Cheryl Day, Nicole Gerardo, Tom Gillespie, Karen Levy, Elizabeth Sajewski, David Stephens and Lance Waller

Jacobus de Roode

ARICU staff, unit director Sergio, doctors, all the APP providers: I’m so honored and blessed to be fortunate enough to work with such an amazing team. I’ve been a nurse for a very long time and have never seen such an amazing competent group of people. The compassion, kindness, knowledge and willingness to help as well as education is phenomenal. I couldn’t ask to be part of a better group of people so thank you all so very much for everything you do every day to always go above and beyond for our patients and each other. You are all outstanding!! Beth

Beth Parker

Erica Brownfield: Dr. Erica Brownfield has shown tremendous leadership during this pandemic in her role as Associate Dean of Medical Education in the School of Medicine. Her efforts played a significant role in ensuring that the school's operations and delivery around the medical education curriculum adapted to the needs and challenges that arose due to the pandemic. Her commitment has been tireless. Her capacity to respond and lead during this crisis is noteworthy. Thank you for your leadership Dr. Brownfield.


Tyrese Hinkins Jones: As a member of the School of Medicine’s Medical Education Team, Ty has worked tirelessly with the deans of medical education to make sure that we transitioned successfully online and continued to meet curricular goals in the face of the COVID pandemic. I salute her leadership and innovative spirit.


Maureen Powers: I would like to highlight the diligent efforts of Dr. Maureen Powers to the medical school as the director of the Discovery Phase. Her commitment has been evident in not only the hours she has put in, but also through the flexible adaptability she displayed to ensure the continuity of our students' academic experience.


Sherice Henry - Medical Education Team (School of Medicine): Sherice Henry is a great asset to the Discovery team and Medical Education team. I want to extend my appreciation for the amazing work she does for both teams. The endless hours that you have spent working and the professionalism that you have shown has impressed me immensely. Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication have been a source of inspiration for myself and the rest of the team. Thank you for all your effort.


Medical Education Team (School of Medicine): The medical education team has gone ABOVE and BEYOND during this pandemic to continue to give great service for our students and faculty for our curriculum needs. They have all jumped in to learn new skills to turn around projects in 24-48 hours and working around the clock to get the job done. I am cannot say enough about this team and their abilities. THANK YOU for your service and all of the great work that you do!


Charlotte Whitehead: For going above and beyond to ensure her coworkers and colleagues are equipped to provide excellent service to Emory School of Medicine.


Mary Laszlo: For always going above and beyond the call of duty, especially in times like these. You always have a positive attitude towards life and work, and you constantly encourage everyone to put in their best effort. Truly appreciate you.


Faith Levy and Sheryl Cottle, SOM Admissions Team: Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our applicants and our students -- even amidst a global pandemic! It is an honor and a pleasure working with you.

June Eddingfield

Emory Healthcare Nurses: Your passion for our patients' health is appreciated every day. You brighten peoples days, including ours. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Nurses Week!

Brenda Lopez

Spiritual Health Residents: The 2019 - 2020 Residency Program began in an ordinary way. Little did anyone know that the 2020 pandemic would shape the world of health care and Clinical Pastoral Education in the most extra ordinary way. The Residents who joined Spiritual Health gave with such generosity of their time, gifts for service and ministry, and their hearts in providing spiritual care as well as care for one another. In times of greatest fear and doubt, they served with integrity and learned with enthusiasm as the CPE curriculum and clinical areas went through incredible transitions. For who you are and for what you gave, we are forever grateful. Blessings for your journey.

Brenda Lopez

Adeya Middlebrooks is a great supervisor. She always go beyond and above with her staff and customer service. She always love helping other to reach their goals at work and in life. I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Adeya Middlebrooks.


Division of Animal Resources: THANK YOU to Mike Huerkamp, Greg Kable, and all DAR staff for their heroic efforts keeping all research animals safe and healthy throughout the shut-down.

Donna Maney

Jan Hawes: Jan, for 17 years you have been our rock, the person who rises to all challenges and makes sure that the infrastructure in Rollins Research Center is there to support us. THANK YOU for everything. In my book, you are the employee of the year, every year.

Donna Maney

Dr. Maura George: Dr. George, for always knowing what to say and how to say it, for daily finding ways to model excellence and service, for recognizing individual needs and sharing tender loving kindness, for relentlessly admonishing those around her to rise above and beyond the occasion or circumstance, we are so lucky to have your mentorship, support, and your love, and we could never repay you.

Dr. George's Small Group Georgians2022

Amy Walker: Amy Walker is the Director of Licensing School and Course of Study at Calder School of Theology. In the past few months, all of these (usually) in person classes have had to be moved online. In the past, Emory’s licensing school served United Methodist local pastors from all over Georgia. However, through Amy’s incredible innovation, this year Emory’s Licensing School has United Methodists from all over the United States. She went from serving 2 conferences to nearly 30 conference! Any Walker is amazing!

C.J. Lord

Anita Mann: Thank you for always willing to share your knowledge, your experience, and help out wherever there is a need at Emory Law. You are a valuable resource to all!


Asia Wynn: Asia has been a ray of sunshine in the ASC. Even with the transition to virtual work, Asia has continued to be a source of support for our students and her colleagues. Asia works tirelessly to let students know they are heard and cared for, and she repeatedly goes above and beyond to make sure students are supported. Those actions have even more meaning, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. While she may not hear it as much as she should, she is an incredible asset to Oxford College, and I'm grateful to have her on my team.

Lauren Braun

Dr. Molly Epstein, Daphne Schechter, and the rest of the BUS365 Team: A huge shout out to the amazing BUS365 team, specifically Professor Epstein & Schechter and all the fantastic TAs and facilitators, for creating such a seamless transition to online learning this spring! These professors stayed committed to making a positive experience for Goizueta BBA sophomores, demonstrated by their students' resilient commitment and fantastic work in the Accenture case competition. Thank you professors, for your consistent care and love for your work and your students!

Allison Gelman

The Administrative Staff for both Pathology and Emergency Medicine: I want to thank the administrative teams of both Pathology and Emergency Medicine for their seamless and tireless work behind the scenes to support our faculty, learners, and others during this time. I am at a loss for words on how to best express my appreciation for your commitment, your willingness to deal with ambiguity, and your ability to jump right in to see how you can help. I look forward to the day when I can tell you this, in person, face to face. For now, know that I am holding you up in my thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marilea Grider

Yahaira Hernandez: I am thanking Yahaira for taking the time to personally reach out and check in on essential personnel.


Molly McGehee: Molly is normally the person we turn to when we need help navigating a tricky situation. From issues with the classroom environment, to course redesigns, to assessments, and more. During this transition to online coursework, Molly (and others) have been hard at work creating community with faculty, developing modules and space to talk with others about best practices, and finally coordinating weeks long programming so that faculty at our campus can work alongside one another as we prepare for the Fall. All the while, always considering inclusivity and diversity in practice. I could go on and on about all the amazing support and the outstanding resources Molly has helped shepherd to our doorways, but I'll end it here. With my sincere thanks.

Jennifer McGee

BBA CMC Staff: Thank you for outstandingly supporting the Goizueta student body through these uncertain times. You did not skip a beat in providing professional and personal support and we appreciate all that you do for us!


Ian Jesse: Ian is a valued member of the Advising Support Center. As the leader for the Supplemental Instruction Program, Ian has worked to support over 30 SI leaders and their faculty, which he has continued to do virtually. Ian also managed to recruit new SI leaders for the next academic year. Ian routinely goes above and beyond to manage ASC programming, offer academic coaching services, motivational workshops with campus partners, and supporting at-risk students. And he's been working tirelessly to balance his Oxford work with his duties as a parent, which I cannot fathom. Ian is a dedicated, hard worker, even more-so in a virtual setting, and I am grateful that he is a member of my staff.

Lauren Braun

Network Operations Center: One of the few groups that works tirelessly 24/7/365 is still working to keep Emory University and Healthcare connected to the rest of the world. Thank you for life-saving work done not only during the COVID-19 situation but on the daily!

Keaton Pendergrast

Chaylin Houston: Chay and the rest of her events team have been instrumental in planning the program that feeds the frontline healthcare workers around Atlanta. It has been a pleasure watching her work so hard and observing how dedicated she is to her job and to helping others that truly deserve it.


Sara Wade: Sara Wade has been tireless in her support of our faculty in prepping for summer as well as gathering ECOTS training resources. I've seen her send emails late at night and on weekends trying to keep up and keep things running as smoothly as possible. She has given her all to ensure a smooth transition to online learning and I so appreciate her help and quick responses. We couldn't do it without her!

Angela Sudu

Rebecca Purdom: Rebecca is our Executive Director of Graduate and Online Programs. Not surprisingly, her expertise is in high demand right now. Almost overnight, Rebecca helped many colleagues move virtual mountains so that they could begin teaching fully online. Her valuable time, insight, enthusiasm, and knowledge contributed in several meaningful ways to the law school’s ability to meet the educational needs and expectations of our students. Rebecca’s tough questions continue to help us focus our thinking as we work to resolve questions about the upcoming academic year.

Mary Anne Bobinski

Lisa Johnson: Lisa balances work responsibilities and home life with grace. She deserves gratitude for being a wonderful Emory staff member and a terrific mother.


Corky Gallo and the Emory Law IT Team: Corky Gallo and the Information Technology team at Emory Law have valiantly and successfully (!) supported our transition to an online learning and working environment. They’re usually behind the scenes receiving calls, emails, and open “tickets,” which occur around the clock. They respond to every single inquiry with a customer friendly approach. I suspect each of us has either requested their help or directly benefitted from their assistance; I know I have! As we work to determine our future needs (and capabilities), Corky and the professionals in IT will be with us every step of the way in planning and implementation.

Mary Anne Bobinski

Paul Wise (Bios Department at RSPH): Paul went above and beyond to help students in his 501 BIOS II spring 2020 class when we transitioned to virtual learning. He realized, before other instructors/professors, the impact this was going to have and how challenging this would be for students. He uploaded the previous year's lectures to assist our learning process and held daily office hours to accommodate our various schedules. He did he best to be empathic and understanding, while also addressing the current climate we are living in, instead of avoiding it like other classes. He truly made the semester a bit easier to get through.


Associate Dean Julie Barefoot: Julie is a great collaborator and worked with me to facilitate important alumni introductions that turned into our very successful virtual career trek! In addition, Julie was a willing participant and important part of the Alumni Zoom, offering sage advice for the Class is 2020. She also helped me to feel at home at Goizueta and this made my transition very smooth. Thank you Julie for all you have done! - Renee

Renee Bourbeau

Susan Cook: Susan Cook has worked tirelessly to connect with Emory's Physics undergraduate students during the pandemic. She has spearheaded efforts to recognize our students' achievements, and help them navigate these difficult times. Her devotion to the well-being of our students is remarkable, and deserves to be honored. Thank you Susan!

Justin Burton

Susan Clark and Ethan Rosenzweig: As I was settling into my role as dean, our world turned upside down. It took the work of every single staff and faculty member, along with the willingness of our students, to adjust to the new online reality. While everyone played a significant role, I want to highlight the contributions of Susan Clark and Ethan Rosenzweig who co-chaired our Law Preparedness Team in those first few weeks. They provided critically important leadership in identifying challenges and developing action plans that we needed to fulfill the educational commitment to our students. I am both grateful for and proud of their contributions.

Mary Anne Bobinski

Hilary Rosenthal: Hilary has been working tirelessly to procure personal protective equipment for the students, faculty and staff of Emory. She has also been instrumental in helping to collect information that will help the university decide how we will re-open the campus safely. Truly a lot of great effort behind the scenes that is above and beyond!


Dr. Jim Nagy: Dr. Nagy, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, has been so supportive during the switch to remote learning. He immediately set up a Canvas page for instructors to share resources as well as hosted weekly meetings with all instructors and staff to ensure that everyone was up to date and there was open communication for issues and important resources.


Dr. Nosayba El-Sayed; Dr. El-Sayed was so supportive of her fellow instructors during the move to remote learning. She set up a google form to assist in sharing resources between instructors in CS so that all could find new resources to aid in their remote teaching. It was a learning experience for everyone, but special props to her for being kind and supportive and leading her colleagues to share helpful ideas.


Department of Human Genetics: They have gone above and beyond everyday since the pandemic has started. They are all dedicated and devoted to their patients from all over the state and out of state. They are also on the phone day and night to make sure that their patients are being well taken care off and know how to cope through this pandemic. They are a group of the most loving, caring, considerate, and brilliant women I have ever met. They have little ones and families of their own and they still make time for everything.


Zoom Admin Team: Throughout this pandemic communication methods have been our avenues to stay in touch and conduct business the best possible. These ranges from classes, training sessions, leadership meetings, student/faculty/staff communications, business operations, counseling, etc. The members of these teams have accomplished incredible production and user success while working long hours for weeks on end. Their amazing contribution to the Emory community may be something that will possibly echo for years to come.


Dr. Cynthia Messina: Dr. Messina goes above and beyond to meet with her patients, transitioning in-person appointments to video-chat discussions. Her dedication to helping her patients through mental health issues in the middle of a pandemic is inspiring. Her commitment to her patients and the depth of her caring go above and beyond what could be expected of any psychologist in such uncertain times.


Dr. Henry Bayerle: As we transitioned to online classes, Dr. Bayerle managed to completely change our experiential learning course on ancient Rome so that we could still have a valuable remote experience. Instead of sacrificing the experiential learning aspect of the course, he thought of creative ways for us to achieve the course objectives without our planned trip to Rome. Thanks, Dr. Bayerle!

Rick Garcia-Bengochea

Student Financial Services Account Reps: To Cindy, JeMonte, Bernice and Mary, who have been working tirelessly to assist our students through this unprecedented time - we cannot thank you enough!


Oxford College Academic Technology: Thank you so much for all of your hard work answering our questions and panicked emails while we shifted to online courses! I'm not sure what I would have done without you!

Devon Goss

Mr. Christopher Slover, Grad Student: Mr. Slover did a great job teaching us logic all semester, and after spring break, he went out of his way to teach extra material that wasn't part of the course or the final exam to interested students. He was very generous spending a lot of time that he didn't have to spend going through the extra material. I very much appreciated it.

Alex Warren

Sarah Zaslaw, Emory Votes Initiative, Campus Life: Sarah is a new employee to Emory, joining the University as staff in February 2020. She was brought on with a pretty straightforward role - to increase voter registration rates and turnout and lead our campus through completing the Census. As the world changed, so did the challenges for us all to get accurate and timely information about civic engagement. Sarah, though, has not skipped a beat. She has followed Census and voter information incessantly, updating information for the Emory community to the best of her ability. She continues to find new ways to communicate this information through social media and by coordinating with the broader Emory Votes Initiative network of staff, faculty and students. She is adaptable and reliable, making sure that through the many changes and added challenges to exercising our right to vote and to fulfilling our duty as residents of the U.S. to complete the Census she keeps Emory communications focused and accurate. She is helping us all focus on the bigger systems and elected leadership that determine or local and national resilience during these trying times. In the words of Bryan Stevenson, "This year in particular, it is urgent that we all vote. We're going to see some real challenges over the next year or two, and it's important that you be part of the solution, that you be part of the conversation, that you be part of the discussion as we try to meet these challenges, and voting is a critical aspect to that." Sarah Zaslaw is the new campus leader helping the Emory community have what they need to do just that - vote. I hope we can raise up her efforts!

Taylor Spicer

Sonja Griffin and Barry Prine: Thank you so much for extraordinary efforts to help with timely and efficient grant submissions through such uncertain times!!!

David Lynn

Rex Hardaway: Rex Hardaway had a major role in Strategic Procurement Services for over 31 years. When our AVP left in November, he stepped up to manage Strategic Sourcing, Travel and Contract Administration while the search commenced to look for a Chief Procurement Officer. Rex had plans to retire at the beginning of 2020 but agreed to stay on while the recruiting processes was underway. Then when all the focus was re-directed to COVID-19 as we entered these uncharted and unprecedented time, he was the sole manager to stay on campus 5 days a week. He helped to address and triage any issues related to Procurement Services including PPE, COVID testing and many times Accounts Payable while keeping the department working together and engaged in daily zoom meetings. He also has been able to maintain and facilitate contracts as needed during this time. He not only deserves recognition for his many years of dedicated service, his myriad contributions to the Emory community but also his undeniable gift of knowledge he has passed down to others in the department. He has gallantly given his heart and soul (and some of his retirement) to Emory University during this time of need and we are most grateful.

Hilary Rosenthal

The Staff in OUE: Many thanks go to the advisors, administrators, and staff of the OUE. What a brutal time for them to make sure our undergrads are okay, doing well, and finishing strong! I've never been so impressed by anything in recent times. The hours and hours of work at home in the middle of family complications was so impressive. A huge shout out to all of you in OUE! I'm very humbled to be among such fine and hard working people.

Joonna Trapp

Etza Peters, RN: Lead Coordinator for the COVID-19 vaccine trial, Etza spent timeless hours everyday to coordinate the launch the vaccine trial in record time. Etza always has a smile and is a great teacher and leader to guide the team in a successful study initiative.


Ethel Ellington, Kira Walsh, Ana Velez, Jan McSherry, and all the Chemistry Department Staff: For smiling through adversity, being remarkably adaptive when others struggle, and sustaining a sense of humor through all the turmoil of this last semester. Your resilience is remarkable! Thank you.

David Lynn

Professor John Witte, Jr.: Witte provides us with a special reserve of strength, courage, and wisdom. Beyond his genius, he is kind, compassionate, and dedicated to the development of every individual student. In these uncertain times, his spirit and communication has been a guiding force, and his willingness to help those in need has gone well above the call of duty. A man of impressive character and talent, he inspires not only through instruction, but principally by example. Without a doubt, Emory Law's prize jewel.


Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Faculty and Fellows: Countless thanks to the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine doctors who are working day and night keeping their patients in the pink of health. Wishing them heartiest gratitude for their greatest contribution. It's been a rough ride during this pandemic and unfortunately, my family was impacted with the loss of my uncle due to COVID-19. I want to thank my faculty and fellows for being there for me. The emails, text messages, calls, flowers, fruit baskets and meals meant so much to my family. This team of doctors are such a blessing and I really appreciate them. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside them. They are kind, warmhearted and caring individuals. I thank my group from the bottom of my heart for the warmth with which they treated me and helped me get through this shocking and unexpected loss of my uncle. It hasn't been easy but it helps when you have greatness around you. I SALUTE and SHOUT OUT my docs, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Sincerely, Jacquie R. Williams, Program Coordinator

Jacquie Williams

Jonathan Russell: Jonathan has stepped up tremendously in the past few months, dedicating all of his available time to promote the challenging realities and delicate financial needs of Emory's epidemiology and infectious disease scientists to help them save the rest of us. He raises millions of dollars that simply wouldn't be provided to the institution otherwise, and does it with grace and gratitude at every opportunity.


Nosayba El-Sayed: Nosayba is wonderful human. She contributes to the Computer Science Department in so many ways. She actively reaches out to talk to students and assists with their personal and professional development. She regularly contributes to and asks provoking questions in our weekly seminar. I feel that instructors usually don't receive the same praise that full professors do, but Nosayba arguably contributes the most to our department on a regular basis.


Dr. Allison Chamberlain, Dr. Neel Ghandi, Dr. Sarita Shah, Meghan Franczek and all Emory Students volunteering at GA Department of Public Health and Fulton County Board of Health, we appreciate you for being there for us during this time!

Udodirim Onwubiko

Emma Ellingson, from all the ILA Faculty: As the lead administrator for the Institute for the Liberal Arts, you have been amazing navigating us all through these difficult times, students, staff and faculty alike. Your calm demeanor, your competence, and your complete dedication to our mission has been the rock on which we have all depended. You have guided us through challenges with grace and good humor and we could not have done it without you. Thank you!

Robyn Fivush

Academic Support Services (OUR): Dear AcSS Team – I appreciate your individual commitment, quality of work and “can-do “attitudes. The transition to working remotely has not deterred us from our mission. Thanks to your hard work, we continue providing quality service to our office other campus departments. Please continue to stay safe and healthy.

Lou Ocasio

Rebecca Purdom: Rebecca selflessly helped the Law School transition to online learning. She put together many workshops and spent many hours training full-time and adjunct faculty. When needed, she worked individually with professors to help them become accustomed to teaching online. Her patience, wonderful sense of humor, and kindness helped all of us become not just better online teachers, but better teachers in general.


Jeremy Billetdeaux: Jeremy has gone above and beyond during this entire situation for all of the BBAs who were studying abroad. In addition to maintaining communication with all of us before the lockdown, he was extremely accessible, patient, and understanding when we all had to transition home from our semester abroad. I know it couldn't have been easy monitoring the situation and communicating with all of us regarding the constant changes affecting our situations abroad. He also made sure that all of us, from so many different countries were able to come home safely. I'd like to thank him (and Anna) for always being the biggest supporters of BBAs who want to go abroad and providing us with ample information and time. Thanks a lot Jeremy, we really appreciate all you do :)


Caroline Driebe: Sending a shout to Caroline Driebe. Thank you, Caroline, for the long hours you are working to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic messaging is delivered to the Emory community in a clear and concise manner. Daily you manage aggressive deadlines and guide other teams in communication protocols. Thank you for your dedication. Your efforts are appreciated.

Lynn Magee

Learning and Organizational Development Team: A big THANK YOU to the Learning and Organizational Development team for the amazing work they have done to make a major shift in how we conduct our business -- from mostly face-to-face training, coaching, retreats, team-building, and support -- to virtual delivery that is both engaging and impactful. Due to the work that you have done, you have been able to complete leadership development programs (e.g., Emerging Leaders), launch new programs (e.g., Mentor Emory), and continue other classes and programs (e.g., Essentials of Leadership, Aspiring Leaders, and Administrative Professionals Program). New virtual content has been widely launched to address the current issues (e.g., Change Cycle), and an on-line vetted list of free professional development resources has been provided to Emory's employees, so that they can continue to focus on their professional development during these difficult times. You are creating more content and evaluating more processes even as I write this. All of you work tirelessly to ensure the Emory's employees are able to continue to develop to be the best they can be. Thank you! You make a difference everyday!

Wanda Hayes

Student Information Systems Team - Therese, Carrie, Raghu, Christine, Duane, Philip, Karen and Unmesh: I want to commend the staff of the Student Information Systems team who tirelessly supported the University and made changes to the systems supporting students. Therese, Carrie, Raghu, Christine, Duane, Philip, Karen and Unmesh, you have done everything that has been asked of you and continue to work as new needs arise for summer and fall. The SIS team has worked with our LITS technical partners to make many modifications to several student systems and update student data to support Emory's transition during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team worked on changes in the Housing software to support the rapid move out of most students and the housing transitions for students who remain on campus. The team worked on adjustments to student enrollment, faculty grading, notations on transcripts and a myriad of other student data to support the academic needs of the faculty and administration. The team has been providing data to inform decisions and sent student communications to support decisions. Like many of our fellow Emory employees, the SIS team has been working nights and weekends to provide whatever has been requested as quickly as possible. I am grateful to have a team that is willing to do whatever Emory needs each and every day and I appreciate you more than words can express.

Beth Broyles

April Hunt: Thank you April, for always helping us see the good and success that is on campus through Emory College Social. Especially with the recognition of Class of 2020, helping us feel seen and special, despite having to miss commencement this year. You are always so nice and caring with every interaction you have with students on each platform. You are always typing away about a student's accomplishment, or highlighting the success of professors. It really has helped us all see each other in a new light.

Julie Wang

Dr. Khalia J. Williams: Dr. Williams has worked tirelessly since the announcement of the pandemic in March and the school's transition to virtual communication. As the Assistant Dean of Worship at Candler, she had about a week to organize and to launch a new style of worship that met the spiritual needs of not only the Candler community but, the Emory community and others who participated. There were so many moving parts and teams that she had to manage, and she did, gracefully, patiently, and with a smile, creating meaningful worship experiences for each weekday. I am confident that Dr. Williams and her team have touched many hearts and lives through these worship experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She is truly a remarkable woman and deserves to be recognized for her tenacity and for her ministry, and especially for providing hope during these uncertain times.


FSAP Team: Special thanks to the FSAP Team for all the hard work this year, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Team quickly implemented the Telemental Health Services to ensure a smooth transition to remote work arrangements. In the midst of the pandemic, the FSAP Team also introduced enhanced and new services including evening hours, group and grief support services, debriefing/ listening sessions, and the Daily Refresh break. Thanks for all that you do to support our Emory workforce, which includes our faculty, staff, physicians and their family members, who are an important part of our community. Your compassion, commitment and care shines through everyday. Thanks for all that you do!!!

Paula Gomes

Emory SAAC Dining during Quarantine: Thank you to all of the Emory Dining Staff who have provided meals during quarantine! We greatly appreciate your sacrifice. Your smiling faces brighten our days, and we really appreciate the delicious food you are serving!


Dr. Aurelie Menigoz: During the whole time while most of us were working from home, Aurelie was at Yerkes doing what she does every week working with her animals. Aurelie is married with 2 young children but she still managed to be with her animals almost every single day. She has been willing to accept packages and make sure that other items that are delivered to her lab and other labs are properly put away. She has been a super star team member of our floor during this COVID-19 shut down.

Ingrid Budreckas

Kelli Pittman, Center for Transactional Law and Practice: Your leadership, skill, and initiative were critical in transitioning 17 experiential classes—and the adjuncts who taught them—to a remote teaching environment without missing a beat. Thanks for meeting the challenge with your usual competence and professionalism, especially amid registration and other demands. Well done!

Sue Payne and Katherine Koops

A special thanks to the extraordinary staff members of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences: Emily Morran, Kathy Smith, Dena Reinoso, Nykia Olds, Maureen Thomas, Rathan Kersey, Chanell Loiseau, Roberta Lynn, and Emily Neutens. Know that your dedication and hard work and your commitment to the students and faculty members of the GDBBS are very much noticed and appreciated. The team is fully committed to excellence and each one of you show it through your efforts to create quality experiences for the large graduate cohort and many faculty advisors of the GDBBS. And you each, in your own way, bring a special individual sparkle to our work together. Thank you!

Lanny Liebeskind

Division of Animal Resources, School of Medicine: The entire DAR seamlessly transitioned to pandemic mode due to the efforts of DAR's Director, Dr. Michael Huerkamp, to keep disaster preparations always at the forefront of training. The animal care technicians are keeping animals well cared for. The admin team is keeping the program operational from home offices. The IT team is offering support to all. The veterinary staff is continues to care for any animals that are sick or injured. So many people and activities beyond just these shout outs that are keeping the division running. Everyone is doing an amazing job. The entire team is quietly succeeding and rocking this pandemic.


Campus Life Colleagues Still Coming to Campus: I am deeply grateful for the many, many colleagues in Campus Life who still come to campus regularly to support the students, faculty, and staff of this remarkable place. Incredibly dedicated, compassionate, and inspiring individuals across Athletics and Recreation, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, Residence Life, Housing Operations, Emory Dining, Student Center Operations and Events, Student Success Programs and Services, EmoryCard, Mail/Business Operations, Sorority and Fraternity Life, and many other offices continue to come into work every day. From preparing and delivering meals to serving on duty rotations responding to crises to ensuring our spaces are clean and safe to providing programmatic opportunities and support services for our students at Clairmont Campus and across the world, your efforts truly are exemplary. Thank you for your commitment and your service.

David Clark

Deborah Snyder: Deborah is working behind the scenes managing Chemistry's sponsored projects' finances. She just came on board to Chemistry February 10, 2020, shortly before the quarantine/lock down was put into effect. I want to recognize her for her tireless work, attention to detail, follow-through and communication skills. The quarantine has not slowed her down at all in whipping the research finances into shape. Because she is so behind the scenes, I want to recognize her here and express my sincere gratitude to her.

Susan Browne

Marianne D'Souza: Marianne is one of those people who never lets you down. She is a rock of the law school. Without her, many projects, exams, and courses would not go smoothly. During these troubling times, I miss her smile, her unfailing politeness, and her hands-on help. My students all love her for her kindness to them She is also an excellent teacher, who has dramatically improved my computer skills. She genuinely cares about her professors, the students, and the institution. I will be forever in her debt.

Dr. Martha Grace Duncan

Dr. Spell: She was so committed to having us learn BIOL 142 and giving us the help we need. When she wasn't able to get on Zoom at her house for WiFi reasons, she went back to her office at the university to get on Zoom. She even went to the university just for office hours! She always asks us how we are and does the best she can to make sure we succeed.


All Emory Staff and Faculty: During the days of moving out of my Emory dorm, I often took some late walks at night around campus, and I would usually see administrators and professors still working in their offices at times like 11 pm. Thank you to everything you have put in to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Healthcare Workers, Custodial Workers, and All Other Essential Workers: These lyrics come to mind when I think of what each of you is doing for so many: "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother" The road is long With many a winding turn That leads us to who knows where Who knows where But I'm strong Strong enough to carry him He ain't heavy, he's my brother So on we go His welfare is of my concern No burden is he to bear We'll get there For I know He would not encumber me He ain't heavy, he's my brother. Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Bob Russell / Bobby Scott He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother lyrics © Music Sales Corporation

Carol Tucker-Burden

Adrienne Vinson, Molly McGehee, Sarah Dobbs and Allyson Studer: The transition to online teaching in March, supporting faculty and staff and students throughout the remaining weeks of the semester, and, finally, capping the academic year for Oxford's graduating students in a meaningful way required a lot of administrative support. I know that these four individuals have worked tirelessly -- and often behind the scenes -- in support of Oxford's leadership to maintain community and connection and to honor, above all, our amazing student body. They are creative, resilient, invaluable members of the college community. I am proud to work with such colleagues.

Stacy McQuaide

Brenda Harmon, LaTonia Taliaferro-Smith and Sean Mo: Led by Professor of Pedagogy Harmon, these three members of Oxford's science faculty organized supplies from the campus labs to donate early in the crisis. They are true servant-leaders not only of the college, but of the broader Emory community. Big shout out to these three amazing colleagues!


Leigh Elion and Christina Lee: When Oxford's students switched to remote learning in March, their writing center and math center support moved with them. Thank you to these two hard-working and compassionate colleagues for going the extra mile during a challenging time not only to teach their own courses but to make sure that the entire faculty did not lose access to these essential resources. Proud to work with such great servant-leaders.


Julia Thompson, Brandi Benton, Adrienne Slaughter, Adrienne Bryant Smith, Michele Passano, Jamechya Duncan, Shana Ware, Krystyna Jordan and Leisa Stafford: Thank you for re-directing the majority of your time over the last several weeks to engage with the Emory Together Fund and support students who are experiencing significant challenges due to the pandemic. You've spent hours listening, showing empathy, and helping to alleviate concerns of students and their families. I so appreciate your ethic of care and concern, your patience, and your giving spirit. You are all rock stars in my book!!

Suzanne Onorato

Recreation and Wellness team: April Flint, Shannon Garland, Troy Morris, Alyssa O'Keefe, John Ridgeway, Matt Urbanczyk, Martine Occeas, Emelie Andre, and all fitness instructors: Thank you for leading the transition of recreation and wellness programs and physical education classes to virtual platforms and ensuring our students, staff and faculty have access to activities that help them be well! I appreciate you!!

Suzanne Onorato

April Flint and Walter Kolis: Thank you Walter and April for your tremendous leadership and support in helping to build capacity for SHS to see students in the SAAC. Truly exceptional!!

Susan Onorato

Michele Hempfling: While Michele continually provides excellent service to Oxford’s students, their families, and her colleagues, Michele has also demonstrated remarkable service towards others during the University’s COVID-19 response. Michele has shown leadership at every level of Oxford’s response effort and has collaborated with partners across the University to support students remaining on campus and those who have returned home but need additional support. She works tirelessly and around the clock for Oxford College, always keeping the safety and well-being of our students the top priority. In addition to her dedication to students, Michele is an exemplary colleague – one that can always be counted on, not just in times of crisis. Michele brings positive energy, laughter, and kindness to every meeting (virtually and in-person).


Lanice Gipson, Scott King and Carman Thomas: THANK YOU on behalf of your colleagues in the Dean's Office at Grady and all the Emory physicians, APPs and residents who see patients at Grady. From distributing PPE to hosting lunches and providing snacks for our providers to supporting the incredibly well attended weekly Town Hall-all in addition to your regular demanding jobs-you all have been the unsung heroes of the Emory at Grady team. We appreciate your "above and beyond" efforts!!

Constance Nagle

Dr. Jamie B. MacKelfresh: Thank you to Dr. Jamie MacKelfresh for her outstanding job as our residency program director throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working incredibly hard and looking out for resident safety, wellness, and education!


MathCS Technical Staff: Edgar Leon, Kye Ellington, Tim Yim, and Thomas Jackson have all been very helpful and supportive as faculty and staff in Math and CS transition to this remote setting. The amount of dedication and hard work you all continue to put to make sure things proceed smoothly for the rest of us, is truly inspiring. Thank you all for being amazing.


Rachael Brightwell: Dear Rachael, Thank you for the tremendous work you have done and have led the Schwartz Center Concerts Division in keeping the music alive at Emory. I am especially grateful you were willing to invest the time involved in communications with music publishers, legal agencies, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, to provide the information our performance faculty need as they plan students' repertoire and performance experiences in an "online" Emory.

Kathy Summers

GME Team - All Staff Members: A HUGE Above and Beyond Shout Out to the Graduate Medical Education (GME) staff members for each and everyone’s dedication and perseverance during this most challenging time as we work to onboard ~450 incoming residents/fellows, re-credential ~950 of those continuing to a new program year, and checkout ~450 who are graduating, while managing the extra challenge associated with COVID-19 and its impact on our 1300+ trainees currently working on the front lines of patient care! Each team member’s incredible ability to rise to the occasion to support our residents/fellows/program coordinators/program directors, to maintain normal GME operations, and to help Emory continue to deliver its mission in these extremely challenging and uncertain times are greatly appreciated and valued!

Jianli Zhao

Campus Life: My gratitude to Campus Life for all you are doing to support our students and the broader Emory community during this pandemic. A special shout out to all who are doing so on campus! And a high-five to the Campus Life Communications team for always being open and ready to experiment.

Tomika DePriest

Rosalind Browder: My note of recognition goes to the Dialysis Unit Director at EUHM. Ms. Rosalind Browder, whom we all call affectionately Miss Roz, is an amazing person. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is the Unit Director and could be sitting comfortably in her office. Instead, she helps out everybody, staff and patients alike. She helps take care of patients when things get hectic. She even helps us transport patients. She wakes up at the crack o'dawn and is present in the unit at 6 am with the rest of us. She mediates conflicts, calms down everybody, advises, counsels, and gets the schedule going. She made sure we got the N95 masks!!! She is respected by all of us. She is the best I would want in a Unit Director. She is definitely an asset of Emory Healthcare.

Angela Cret

Malina Rodriguez at Theater Emory: Thank you for being such a welcoming and affirming presence to the students of Theater Emory! You make a unique space for them that really fees like home. Thanks for never compromising on showing how much you believe in compassion, sustainability, diversity, and human rights for all.


LITS: As a newbie at this working from home life, and I am amazed at how well the networks have handled the crush of online learning and working. The strains the technological systems must be enormous, yet i see no difference in performing my work from my dining room vs my office at Emory. That's truly remarkable. Kudos to y'all for a job well-done!


Liz Eichinger, Asha Gordon, Stephanie White, Marie Browne and Felecia Goodwin, Staff of Emory Economics Dept.: A huge shout out to Liz, Asha, Stephanie and all of the faculty and staff of the Economics dept for pulling together with lightning speed to develop and launch our Class of 2020 Graduation web pages! You're one amazing team! Check it out: http://economics.emory.edu/

Renee Sevy-Hasterok

Dept. of Anthropology Staff: Special thanks to Brian Banks, Heather Carpenter, Kay Norgard, and Eva Stotz for their ongoing efforts to keep things running smoothly in the Anthropology department. Heather, Eva, and Kay provided fantastic support to our faculty and students throughout the end of the semester and went above and beyond to make commencement special for our graduating seniors and PhDs. Brian has been our eyes on the ground as essential personnel on campus - smoothing out issues with mail and package deliveries and small facilities emergencies - not to mention keeping finance running smoothly for our faculty. The department and I appreciate your efforts and good cheer! I couldn't do this without you!

Lora McDonald

Sadie Bazur Leidy: Thanks to Sadie for leading 30-minute daily yoga sessions for The Carter Center and the Atlanta community. She has been leading virtual Zoom sessions each day during the work week since mid-March. I am so grateful for her generosity, big heart, kindness and facilitation. I thoroughly appreciate the 30-minute mental and physical health breaks to recharge and reset my body and mind. We are eternally grateful that she has shared her gift with us during these difficult times.

Kenya Casey

Michael A. Elliot, Professor and Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences: For his extraordinary efforts and tireless care in handling all academic structures and processes throughout especially during these difficult and challenging times for the integrity and life of all concerned. Thank you for his team of staff for giving their unflinching support. Thank you so much!!


Faculty and Staff of Economics Department: Heartfelt appreciation to Economics faculty and staff for their generosity when it was needed most. Faculty and staff collectively contributed $3,000 to provide food for Emory Healthcare nurses and other staff so they would have lunches and dinners during their long shifts at the hospital.


Bear Sheppard: Bear joined Emory Law near the end of February and was adjusting to her new work environment when we began shifting to remote work. While still learning some aspects of the job, she did not miss a beat. Bear proactively reached out to others to continue learning and growing in her new position. Her ability to provide quality internal customer service has shown over the course of the last few months. While her fellow employees cannot drop in to see her, they know that she is available and ready to assist.


Jennifer Crabb Kyles: Jennifer is quick with a smile and a kind word. With everything that is happening, she always takes a moment to recognize those around her and show appreciation for all that has to be done. Her ability to carry things forward with good spirits while encouraging other to do the same is incredibly helpful.


Eva Lewandowski, Ph.D: Eva is a bright (amazingly so), capable, humble, kind lynch pin for Emory College's DQTM. She works quietly behind the scenes resulting in success, accomplishment and recognition for the department without seeking it for herself. For instance the new Masters program for QTM that Emory is about to roll out has her fingerprints -- but not name -- ALL over it. Three cheers for Eva, who deserves A LOT more credit than she ever receives but keeps working to make everyone else look good in spite of it.


Sharon Rabinovitz, MD: I would like to thank Dr. Rabinovitz for all the hard work she has put into Student Health working many hours late into the night. I have seen emails sent at 11:51 p.m., plus working many weekends. She has remained very positive doing this job. I want her to know how much WE APPRECIATE HER!!!

Valerie Cox

Jennifer Allen, Sarah Diffley, Bethany Doyle, Cathy Houlihan,and Kandice Pampuri - Office of Ed Program Administrators: The Office of Education Program Administrator team has gone above and beyond to keep the education tracks running smoothly for our Nursing students during COVID-19. They have provided excellent customer service to students, communicated well with their faculty and directors, and have raised the bar for at home productivity. I am so grateful for each team member and their positive outlook during a time of uncertainty.