For assistance in using Emory's Performance Management tool, review the following frequently asked questions.

A step-by-step guide has been developed for both the manager/supervisor and the employee/direct report. These guides take you through each step of the online process and will help you navigate the performance management system.

The job description that is currently in the performance management tool is the one that has been provided to HR and resides in PeopleSoft.

We recommend Chrome or FireFox. We have received reports of technical issues with Safari.

This usually happens when someone does not designate an audience that is allowed to see the attachment. You will see a drop down box for “attachment audience” after you upload your attachment. It defaults to “EE and Mgr.” You can also choose “Mgr only.” If you chose the blank space, then it will not stay attached to your form.

There are multiple possibilities, but often this results when either someone has been on leave and recently returned after the launch or someone has been in their current job less than six months. A form may be able to be created manually by the manager or HR. If not, contact Erika Trelles at 404-727-7844.

HR’s Learning and Organizational Development has scheduled multiple classroom and webinar training sessions for managers. These sessions walk participants through the process of how to navigate the performance management PeopleSoft tool. A recorded version of the webinar is also available through ELMS. A step-by-step guide is also available for managers.

Webinar training is not be provided for employees since the process is fairly simple, however, there is a step-by-step guide available.

Yes. These are called pre-defined goals. You can submit pre-defined goals to HR’s Learning and Organizational Development Department in advance to have them pre-loaded into the online system so that users can select and add them to their form. Contact Randy Lucius at 404-712-8941 or Jonathan Koestler 404-727-5618.

Please submit 1 month prior to the new Fiscal Year.

Either is acceptable.

They are linked via the start step and/or the mid-year form.  Either party can add goals, but they must be approved by one’s supervisor to advance beyond the start step.  Goals can be added without approval after the start step in the mid-year form. 

Several people have reported having technical problems saving their performance management documents. To help avoid this, do not run multiple, independent PeopleSoft sessions within your browser. If you need to open another document (e.g., last year’s review) while writing your evaluation, select the new window link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Otherwise, PeopleSoft may not properly save your information.  Otherwise it should save your work automatically.  Nevertheless it is always best policy to save your work frequently.  You can also use the paper forms on the PM website to write your draft, and then copy/paste into PeopleSoft.

If you have been invited to provide upward feedback, but have noticed that the date for completion has passed, go ahead and attempt to complete your feedback anyway. As long as your supervisor’s leader has not finished her/his evaluation, you can still provide your feedback. Please try it and see if it works. Your feedback is important!

Sounds like you are in "Self Service." You need to log into "Manager Self Service." When you first log into PeopleSoft, you will see a drop down menu in the top center of the screen. Select "Manager Self Service."

You need to click the “submit nominations” link for the Launch Upward Feedback. You will then be taken back to the previous screen and will see a start link to begin writing the evaluation. Upward feedback must be initiated before you can begin writing your own evaluation of a person. Invitees are not required to provide the upward feedback, but the opportunity to provide upward feedback is required.

Select “share with supervisor” from the drop down menu in the table for adding attachments.

You need to select the button in the upper right hand corner that says “submit nominations” before you can proceed to the next step.

Make sure you are in “Self-Service” (not Manager Self Service) and go to “Other’s Performance Documents > Pending Evaluations”).  It may be in Current Evaluations (next option down) if you have previously opened it.

Look in “Current Evaluations,” which is the next option down from Pending.

Look to the left in the menu and see what step you are in. If there is a yellow circle by the “Start” step, then you need to first advance past this step before you can access the mid-year form and begin writing. Select the “approve” button in the upper righthand corner. If you need to bypass the mid-year to begin on the year end form, please contact Erika Trellis or Randall Lucius.