Fitness Assessment

Complimentary Polar Body Age Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is a service provided to all members, new and current. The assessment itself takes approximately one hour and involves a number of baseline fitness measures. The Blomeyer Health Fitness Center is fortunate to possess a state of the art computer called the TriFit 600. This computer and software package not only make the fitness assessment an interesting experience, but provides you with a color printout of your results that you can take home with you to review.

Polar TriFit program

The Polar TriFit/Body Age System is designed to evaluate an individual's fitness level using the most advanced technology to accurately calculate body age. The Polar TriFit/Body Age assessment includes:

  • Blood pressure reading
  • Flexibility assessment (modified sit & reach test)
  • Body composition assessment (body fat percentage)
  • Field strength tests (bicep, chest & leg)
  • Body weight measurement
  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment (VO2 Max analysis)

The Polar TriFit/Body Age System uses the data collected from all of these assessments to calculate your body age. The program also calculates an obtainable body age and breaks down which areas to improve, and by how much, to reach this optimal body age. A $100 value, but you get it FREE!

Components of the fitness assessment include blood pressure and circumference measurements, body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and strength. Each of the measures are optional and are there for the benefit of the member.

Body composition is measured using the 3-site skinfold caliper method.

Hamstring and low back flexibility are evaluated using a modified sit and reach format.

The YMCA bike ergometer assessment or OwnIndex is used to estimate cardiovascular fitnessness. The YMCA test is sub-maximal, meaning that the particpant will be taken 85% of their age-predicted maximum heart rate.The OwnIndex is a quick, easy option, used to estimate maximal aerobic power. The OwnIndex is based on heart rate, heart rate variability at rest, body structure and self assessed physical activity.

Strength is evaluated using three different tests, the first being an isometric biceps strength test. The other two evaluations are the chest press and leg press. Each of the last two are one repetition maximums. A one-rep maximum refers to most weight that can be lifted in one repetition. These tests accurately represent member's current strength level.

The fitness assessment is a great way to start an exercise program. The results of the assessment will provide you with extensive feedback on your current fitness level and will give you information on how to improve your overall fitness. Once you have exercised for a period of time (usually six months), a second assessment can be scheduled. The second assessment will be compared to the previous as a source of tangible feedback. Decisions can then be made on how your exercise and fitness program have or have not been working for you.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to call us at (404) 727-4600 or simply stop in at the front desk.

Note that fitness assessments for non-members are $60.