Move More Challenge FAQ's


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  • What is the Move More Challenge?

An 8-week physical activity program that encourages you to track and increase your daily movement and physical activity. The Move More Challenge will be administered via Healthy Emory Connect. Employees must join Healthy Emory Connect to be part of the Challenge.

  • Who can participate?

All benefits eligible Emory employees and pre-65 retirees (with Emory medical plan coverage) are eligible to participate.

  • How does the challenge work?

Employee-formed teams will work together to accumulate steps and travel to Emory destinations along the way. The challenge begins at Oxford College and goes to nine additional destinations, ending at the new Emory University Hospital tower. Each destination will reveal fun facts and health and well-being tips. Encourage yourself and team members to increase daily steps to stay on track and complete all destinations before the challenge ends!

  • Can I join the challenge after it has started?

Yes, you can join the challenge at any point prior to the challenge end date (April 29). However, only your step activity from the time that you joined will count toward your challenge score even if you had been previously tracking your steps.

  • How do I join the challenge?

First, you must join the Healthy Emory Connect platform at Once you have joined, you will receive communications & instructions on how to join the Move More Challenge.

  • Are there alternative ways for me to participate if I have a disability or medical condition?

You may be eligible for alternative ways to participate if you have a disability or medical condition that limits your ability to participate in the Move More Challenge.For more information, contact Virgin Pulse at or 833-532-6896.

  • How do I contact Customer Support for the Healthy Emory Connect platform?

Contact Virgin Pulse using their Support Page or by calling them at 833-532-6896. Phone support is available from 8am-9pm ET Monday – Friday, and online chat support is available between 2am-9pm ET Monday – Friday.

The deadline for completing the biometric screening to earn the incentive is November 15, 2017. However, you should complete your screening and online health assessment as soon as possible, so you have access to your incentive funds for expenses that may occur throughout the year. Emory will only offer the onsite biometric screenings in late January through early March 2017.


  • How many people can be on a team?

There is a maximum of 10 people per team. There is no minimum, however, the more the better because your team will be accumulating steps collectively. In order to easily reach all destinations before the challenge ends, we recommend teams of at least six people.

  • Do I have to be on a team?

Yes, all participants need to be on a team. If you do not know others who are participating or don't have a team to join, contact for assistance.

  • Will my team see my step data?

Yes, your teammates will be able to see your daily step counts. Other participants who are not on your team will not be able to see your step counts.

  • What happens if I want to leave my team?

You can make as many team changes as needed prior to the start of the challenge (March 5th). Once the challenge begins if you leave your team, you will leave the challenge completely. You have until March 5th to finalize all team selections.

  • How do I leave a team?

You can leave a team by completing these 5 steps: 1) Log into your account on the Healthy Emory Connect. 2) Click on “Challenges” in the top-navigation menu. On the "My Challenges" page, select the challenge. 3) Scroll down to the leaderboard section of the page on the right side. Click on the "Team Leaderboards" tab. 4) Locate your team on the Team Leaderboard, and click on the "Leave Team" link. A pop-up will display where you will be asked if you are sure you want to leave the team. Note*: Once you leave a team during the challenge, you will not be able to join another team, or participate as an individual. You will essentially be “leaving the challenge.” 5) Click "Yes!" to leave your team.


  • Can I use more than one activity tracker during the challenge?

Yes, you can use more than one activity tracker on your account. However, only the device with the highest number of steps on a given day will count toward the challenge. You cannot combine step counts across multiple devices for the same day.

  • What activity trackers can I use to participate?

You can use your Fitbit or any of the compatible third-party devices or mobile applications that are supported by Healthy Emory Connect. You can find a list of eligible devices HERE.

  • Which devices can I purchase at an Emory-subsidized rate?

You can purchase one of seven Fitbit devices at the Emory employee rate. They include: Zip, Flex 2, Alta, Charge 2, Alta HR, Blaze, Surge or Ionic. View employee prices.

  • How often should I sync/upload activity from my activity tracker device?

Daily is best, but if you forget to sync one day, the platform will still be able to retrieve your steps for that day. Most devices, once connected to the Healthy Emory Connect platform will sync/upload automatically from your account.

  • Can I use my FSA or HSA account funds to purchase my activity tracking device?

No, an activity tracking device is not considered an eligible expense for either account.

  • Can I purchase a device using payroll deduction?

No, purchases for the Move More Challenge are not set-up with a payroll deduction option.

  • What can I do with my older activity tracker if I upgrade to a new device for this challenge?

We recommend disconnecting your device from your account first, and then give it to friends or family members or donate it. For more information on donating your device, click HERE.


  • What rewards are being offered?

The 2018 Move More Challenge includes a series of random drawings for rewards and prizes! A participant must reach a certain number of average daily steps through weeks four and weeks eight to have a chance to earn a reward. View the step tiers and prizes.

  • Who is eligible for rewards?

All registered participants who reach the designated step level are eligible. Each participant can earn only one reward after Week 4 and one reward after Week 8. *The rewards in this Challenge are considered taxable income; therefore we must provide employee ID numbers for all participants who earn a reward to the Payroll Department for tax purposes.

  • What if I didn’t make the minimum 165,000 steps mark or used a device that is not compatible with Healthy Emory Connect? Can I be eligible for the drawing?

If you do not achieve the minimum of 165,000 steps or used a device that is not compatible with Healthy Emory Connect and wish to be included in the drawing, please mail a 4” x 6”postcard containing your name, email address and telephone number to Move More Challenge, c/o Employee Health Services, Emory University Hospital Midtown, 550 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA, 30308.

  • If my name is drawn, how will I receive my reward?

You will receive e-mail notification with instructions on how to claim your reward.

  • Can I earn an incentive towards my Emory medical plan if I participate?

This year employees will accumulate points by doing a variety of health and well-being activities on the Healthy Emory Connect platform throughout the year. Employees are able to accumulate many of their points through the Move More Challenge. These points will convert to dollars towards your health plan incentive, and they are displayed on the homepage of your Healthy Emory Connect profile.


  • How do I contact Customer Support?

Contact them at When you fill out the form to send them an email, provide your Emory email address, EVEN if your Fitbit account is connected to another email. This will help them connect you to the Emory Program. You can also contact them via telephone at 844-5FITBIT (844-534-8248). Hours of operation are Monday - Friday: 4am -8pm; Saturday – Sunday: 6am - 5pm PST

  • What happens if I lose my Fitbit or it breaks?

Contact Fitbit Customer Support at or call 844-5FITBIT (844-534-8248) directly. You may be financially responsible for your device replacement. Hours of operation are Monday -Friday: 4am -8pm; Saturday – Sunday: 6am-5pm PST.

  • How do I order my Fitbit device?

You can order your Fitbit by accessing your unique Emory code HERE and following the instructions to navigate to the storefront. Once you have placed your order, your Fitbit will be mailed directly to the address you provide.

  • Can I give my old Fitbit away if I upgrade to a new Fitbit for this Challenge?

Sure! Just make sure that whomever you give it to goes to the Fitbit website, sets up a new account with his or her name, and syncs that Fitbit to his or her own account.


  • What type of data is seen by Emory during the challenge?

Emory will be provided a list of participants who achieve the minimum step threshold for prizes for the purposes of prize distribution. Otherwise, Emory will not have access to any individual level data.

  • Who sees the challenge data?

Individual level data such as step counts and active minutes are viewable only by our Healthy Emory Connect partner Virgin Pulse. During the Move More Challenge, you and your teammates will be able to see one another’s daily steps as well as total steps accumulated by each team on the leaderboard.

  • My question is not on this list. How can I get it answered?

At any time during the challenge, contact the challenge coordinators at


Disclaimer: The intent of this activity challenge is to promote healthy behaviors that engage staff in safe and effective physical activity. Good team spirit, positive interactions and fair play are encouraged. Participants in the Move More Challenge are strongly encouraged to consult with your physician prior to beginning any physical activity program. Medical monitoring during the physical activity challenge is recommended for individuals with a known medical condition.