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Emory Health & Wellness offers two types of services to employees who feel physical discomfort while working at their workstation:

Individualized Workstation Evaluation

Purpose: To evaluate the setup of a work station and observe body mechanics. Information obtained from this evaluation results in recommendations for maintenance or change in behavior and/or the adaptation of work station setup. This evaluation only serves as a resource for recommendations. All purchasing decisions are made on at the departmental level.

Evaluations are offered for a fee ($100) and must be requested by an employee’s manager or supervisor. Prior to any onsite evaluation, the approving manager or supervisor is required to complete and return a Request for Ergonomic Evaluation Form to Emory Health & Wellness.

An Individualized Workstation Evaluation will include some, but not necessarily all, of the following:

Group Workshop

Purpose: To provide a general ergonomic education to employees in a non-individualized setting.

Workshops are provided to departments free of charge, but must be requested by a manager.

This interactive, 45-minute workshop covers common ergonomic problems, suggested body mechanic modifications, and practical strategies to improve workstations.