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Emory University's Award of Distinction Recipients from previous years:

arrow  2017

Jena Black, Rollins School of Public Health

Amy Dryman, M.Ed., Division of Animal Resources

Wanda J. Hayes, PhD, Human Resources

Rhiannon Hubert, Oxford College

Denese Jester, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Kimberly F. Kerstann, PhD, Winship Cancer Institute

Joan D. Kowal, Campus Services

Maurice L. Middleton, Office of the Provost

Courtnay N. Oddman, Campus Life

Kathy Siemon, Office of the General Counsel

Adrienne G. Slaughter, LCSW, Campus Life

Derek Spransy, Library & Information Technology Services

Marcus Urquiaga, School of Medicine

Glenn Williams, Development & Alumni Relations

arrow  2016

Sonia Bell, School of Medicine

Katherine F. Egan, BSN, RN, CCRC, School of Medicine

Sharmyn Amos Gipson, Division of Animal Resources

Andrea Elizabeth Grant, Office of Multicultural Programs and Services

Stephanie J. Gray, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Eric Gregory, Campus Services

Marie M. Hansen, Library & Information Technology Services

Ginger Kane, Development & Alumni Relations

Adam R. Malm, School of Nursing

Jimmy Powell, Campus Services

Catherine Howett Smith, Michael C. Carlos Museum

Roderick Stubbs, Oxford College

arrow  2015

Carolyn B. Aidman, PhD, School of Medicine

Barbara C. Ballisty, EVP Academic Affairs & Provost

Carolyn Bregman, Development & Alumni Relations

Yoko Hammond, MS, CRA, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Stacy Heilman, PhD, School of Medicine

Darrell F. Johnson, Emory Police

Mollie Korski, Emory College of Arts & Sciences

Stephanie Parisi, Library & Information Technology Services

Seth Tepfer, Oxford College

Joel Tingle, Emory College of Arts & Sciences

Amy Wheeler, School of Law

Dona Yarbrough, PhD, Campus Life

arrow  2014

Audrey Adelson, Human Resources

Lynell Cadray, School of Nursing

Annie Carey, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Ciannat M. Howett, Office of Sustainability Initiatives

Deena Keeler, Campus Services

Jane A. Lawson, School of Medicine

Sue McAvoy, School of Law

Sandra A. Schein, Oxford College

Sam Shartar, Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response

Mindy Simon, Office of the General Counsel

Sherry M. Stodghill, Human Resources

arrow  2013

Thomas H. Bornemann, The Carter Center

Kathleen Carroll, Emory College

Courtenay Dusenbury, Rollins School of Public Health

Jasmine Hoffman, School of Nursing

Jack Kearse, Office of EVP Health Affairs

Carlton Mackey, Office of EVP Academic Affairs & Provost

Wayne H. Morse, Jr, Office of Information Technology

Avril Y. Occilien-Similien, Campus Services

Michael D. Shutt, Campus Life

L. Shakiyla Smith, School of Medicine

Dana Wyner, Campus Life

Brent Zern, Campus Services

arrow  2012

Michelle Boone, Office of the EVP for Health Affairs

Holley Butkovich, Office of Critical Event Preparedness & Response

Julie Delliquanti, University Libraries

Allison Kay Dykes, Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Kara Grant, Campus Life

Herman Howard, Campus Services

Marsha Howard, Division of Animal Resources

Nicole Kruse, The Carter Center

Charlie Raudonis, Campus Services

Sasha A. Smith, Center for Women

T. Cameron Van Tran, School of Medicine

Maria Wackerly, International Student & Scholar Services

arrow  2011

Clifton Clarno, II, Campus Services

Alexa DeVetter, Emory College

Steve Ellwood, School of Nursing

Kenneth P. House, Campus Services

Elizabeth G. Kimberl, School of Medicine

Karen A. Lieber, Division of Animal Resources

Tim Morris, Office of Information Technology

Andrea D. Neal, Emory College

Marvin Quinn Poulson, Emory Police

Julie A. Shaffer, Campus Life

Kathy A. Smith, Laney Graduate School

Kristin M. Unzicker, Rollins School of Public Health

arrow  2010

Lee Clontz, University Technology Services

Sue Dale, Oxford College

Morris Durham, Campus Services

Maggie M. Hassan, Emory College

Kathryn Kite, School of Nursing

Edward Lee, Campus Life

Paula Londe, University Communications & Marketing

Liz McCarty, School of Medicine

Nancy L. Miller, MS, RLATG, Division of Animal Resources

Michael Poole, Emory Police

arrow  2009

Joy S. Budensiek, Oxford College

Francisco Calderon, School of Medicine

Katie Chace, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Tracy Anne Clark, Emory College

Adele Clements, Campus Services

Michael Derry, Emory College

Kelly Ferguson, School of Medicine

Larry D. Frederick, University Libraries

John Mills, University Communications & Marketing

Nathaniel Poon, Goizueta Business School

Mary L. Secrest, University Technology Services

Fie-Jiuan Joan Wang, Campus Services

arrow  2008

Tim P. Ariail, Student Financial Services

Toni M. Avery, Emory College

Barbara Brandt, University Technology Services

Jen Fabrick, Campus Services

Lewis Fuller, Emory College

Carol L. Gee, Goizueta Business School

Dr. Paula G. Gomes, Human Resources, Faculty Staff­ Assistance Program

Iruka A. Ndubuizu, Research Administration

Stephanie Roberts, Office of International A­ffairs

James Roland, Campus Life

Linda Sheldon, Campus Services

Wesley Thompson, School of Medicine

arrow  2007

Felicia Bianchi, Academic & Administrative IT

Beth H. Broyles, Office of the Registrar

Louis Burton, Sr., School of Medicine

Robert N. (Nick) Fabian, Emory College

Rosemary Hynes, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

James R. Johnson, Campus Services

Gary Robert Morris, Campus Services

Lisa M. Newbern, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Stephen Pittard, School Of Medicine

Kathy Summers, Emory College

Kathy S. Vaughn, School of Medicine

Darlene A. Wyche-Alha-De, School of Medicine