TEC Physicians Manual

Note: This manual is currently being revised. An updated version will be posted as soon as it is available.

arrow  3-B Physicians

arrow  Benefit/Tax Considerations

arrow  Changing Employee - Leave of Absence

arrow  Entering Pay Rate Change

  Entering Reporting Changes

arrow  Hiring TEC Physicians

arrow  HR Web Reports

arrow  HRAF Action Codes and Reason Codes

arrow  Printing HRAFs

arrow  Retire and Termination Process

arrow  Set-up for Physicians Dually Employed

arrow  Updating Earnings Distribution

arrow  Updating Emory Medicine Faculty Activity

arrow  Updating Future Termination Dates

arrow  Updating Mailstops

arrow  Viewing and Updating Emergency Contact

  Viewing and Updating Personal Data

arrow  Viewing Job Summary

updated August 2015