Emory Clinic's 403(b) Roth

Tools and Resources


Emory Clinic’s 403(b) Savings Plan offers you four ways to invest. All investments involve a level of risk; therefore, before making any investment decisions, it is recommended that you speak with your Fidelity representative or your personal financial advisor.



Lifecycle Investments offer you the convenience of investing your contributions into a fund that is managed for you by providing “ready-mixed” investments.

Lifecycle Investments are allocated and invested based on your projected retirement timeline, starting out with a higher allocation to stocks when you are younger, and then reallocating gradually toward more conservative assets as you get closer to retirement.

Each of the funds assumes a retirement age of 65, so try to select the appropriate fund based on when you plan to retire. These funds are monitored by Emory. Contact Fidelity for more information.



Core Investments streamline your fund choices across major asset classes, enabling you to make easier investment decisions. Selecting funds in the Core investment category enables you to select and combine investments to create a diversified retirement portfolio. These funds are monitored by Emory. Contact Fidelity for more information.



Expanded Investments provide a greater choice and options across all major asset classes. Selecting funds in the Expanded Investment category enables you to create a portfolio that is tailored to your individual retirement goals. These funds are monitored by Emory. Contact Fidelity for more information.



The Mutual Fund Brokerage Window gives you access to the world of mutual fund investments. The window provides the flexibility of a brokerage account, with the advantage of investing your retirement savings plan money through the Emory 403(b) Retirement Plan. This option provides more opportunity to create a retirement portfolio that matches your goals, time frame and risk tolerance. You also can monitor your portfolio and adjust it as your needs change.

Funds available through the Mutual Fund Brokerage Window are not selected or monitored by Emory in any way, and investments are made at your own risk. Contact Fidelity to discuss which funds are available to you.