Managing your own personal wellbeing is now much easier in 2018 thanks to Healthy Emory Connect. Emory’s new, personalized web platform and mobile app is your “one-stop-shop” for participating in all of your wellness activities like earning your medical plan incentives, competing in challenges, and tracking your health goals. Healthy Emory Connect also offers numerous resources and online education tools on topics like fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress and financial wellness.

Earn your incentives. To earn your 2018 medical plan incentives, the first step is to register on Healthy Emory Connect. You can then use the platform or mobile app for your other incentive activities such as completing your Health Risk Assessment and earning points for completing healthy activities. With Healthy Emory Connect, you can use your Fitbit or another wearable device such as Garmin or Nike.

2018 Incentives:

Registration: Register on Healthy Emory Connect at Earn $25.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Complete your HRA on Healthy Emory Connect. Earn $50.

Earn Points: Earn points by completing various levels of healthy activities on Healthy Emory Connect. Choose from a variety of options related to physical activity, nutrition, stress management and sleep. There are four levels of points you can earn which translate into incentive dollars. Earn up to $225.

Colonoscopy/Cologuard: Get a colonoscopy or Cologuard test. If you are 50 or older and haven’t been screened, talk with your doctor. Your spouse can also earn this incentive. Earn $100.

Incentive activities must be completed January 1, 2018 through November 15, 2018 to be eligible for 2018 incentives. Note: Spouses are eligible for the Colonoscopy/ Cologuard incentive, but not the other 2018 incentives.