incentives 2017


Aetna’s new clinical model (combines disease management & other programs) into a single nurse model. Complete two calls with nurse. You can work with one nurse for both acute and chronic conditions. Aetna’s nurses look at the whole person and your support system. Aetna nurses offer:

EARN: $100. Those in the HSA plan who complete two nurse calls will receive a $100 credit to their health savings account. Those in the POS plan will receive a $100 credit toward their deductible and/or co-insurance.

ELIGIBILITY: Any Emory employee, pre-65 retiree or covered spouse/SSDP who is enrolled in an Emory medical plan and has a chronic condition may participate and receive the incentive.

ENROLL: You can enroll at, log in, and click “Health Management” on the top navigation bar, and then click “Enroll Now.” You can also call Aetna at 1-855-600-0032.

2016 INCENTIVE: To earn this incentive, you must complete this activity no later than November 15, 2016.

Depending on when you complete your two calls, it may take an additional 4-6 weeks to process and fund your incentive.

For more information, view the FAQs.