incentives 2017


Colorectal cancer affects men and women of all racial and ethnic groups and is most often found in people age 50 years or older. Colorectal cancer screening can find precancerous polyps – abnormal growths in the colon or rectum – so that they can be removed before turning into cancer. If you are aged 50 or older and haven’t been screened, talk with your doctor about a screening. If you think you may be at higher than average risk for colorectal cancer, speak with your doctor about getting screened early.

Now there is also an alternative test that will also qualify for this incentive – Cologuard.  This new test could be a game-changer in reducing the rate of colorectal cancer in the United States, and it has been embraced by the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and ACS. Unlike fecal immunochemical testing (FIT), which tests for hidden blood in the stool, the Cologuard test also looks for abnormal DNA in cells shed from the colon. The test is simple and noninvasive. Cologuard requires a prescription from your doctor, but after that a kit is mailed to your home, where a single stool sample is collected and returned for testing.

EARN: $100. Those in the HSA plan will receive a $100 credit to their health savings account. Those in the POS plan will receive a $100 credit toward their deductible. This is administered by Aetna, and the credit is applied automatically when there are charges that count towards the deductible and/or coinsurance.

ELIGIBILITY: Any Emory employee, pre-65 retiree or covered spouse/SSDP who is enrolled in an Emory medical plan may participate and receive the incentive.

2017 INCENTIVE: If you and your doctor decide that a colonoscopy is right for you, you must complete this procedure no later than November 15, 2017 to earn the incentive.

Depending on when you complete a colonoscopy or cologuard, it may take 4-6 weeks to receive your incentive.