Courtesy Scholarship

Tools and Resources


Enrolling in the Courtesy Scholarship is a 3-Step Process:

arrow  STEP 1: Complete the Admissions Process

Apply to the appropriate school by meeting all deadlines and admission requirements. Once the application has been received and entered by OPUS, the Courtesy Scholarship application process will begin. The scholarship will be applied when the student is enrolled in a course, not upon acceptance into the school.

Admission to an academic program can be obtained from the appropriate University Admissions Office.

arrow  STEP 2: Complete the Courtesy Scholarship Application in OPUS

After the admissions application has been entered in OPUS by the Office of Admissions, the employee receives an ID and password providing login access to OPUS.

In OPUS, the student completes the Courtesy Scholarship Application.

An employee ID is required to log into OPUS (the employee ID can be found on the employee’s paycheck). Allow time for processing. Contact the school’s admissions office directly if there are any difficulties in obtaining login information.

arrow  STEP 3: Provide Proof of Relationship to Student Financial Services

The student is required to present Proof of Relationship, per the Courtesy Scholarship Policy. Proof should be brought to Elizabeth Barrett, Courtesy Scholarship Administrator in the B Jones Center, Room 101 (phone: 404-727-1202). The scholarship is not awarded until this step is completed.