Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I find instructions on using the online tool?

A step-by-step guide has been developed for both the manager/supervisor and the employee/direct report. These guides take you through each step of the online process and will help you navigate the new system. These can be accessed on the Performance Management webpage, under Tools and Resources.

  • Will the job description provided be a generic description or the departmental description?

The job description that is currently in the performance management tool is the one that has been provided to HR and resides in PeopleSoft.

  • I am Mac user, which browser should I use?

We recommend Chrome or FireFox. We have received reports of technical issues with Safari.

  • I tried to attach a document to my form but when I came back it was gone. Why did this happen?

This usually happens when someone does not designate an audience that is allowed to see the attachment. You will see a drop down box for “attachment audience” after you upload your attachment. It defaults to “EE and Mgr”. You can also choose “Mgr only”. If you chose the blank space, then it will not stay attached to your form.

  • I am a manager and have direct reports that are not showing up on my list. OR I do not have access to my self-evaluation form, but my manager/HR already launched the process. What should I do?

There are multiple possibilities, but often this results when either someone has been on leave and recently returned after the launch or someone has been in their current job less than six months. A form may be able to be created manually by the manager or HR. If not, call Randall Lucius x28941.

  • Is there a demo to teach supervisors how to use the new system?

HR’s Learning and Organizational Development has scheduled multiple webinar training sessions for managers. These sessions walk participants through the process of how to navigate the performance management PeopleSoft tool. A recorded version of the webinar is also available through ELMS. Search for “PeopleSoft PM tool for Emory Managers – Webinar Recording.” A step-by-step guide is also available for managers.

  • Is there a demo for employees/direct reports?

Webinar training will not be provided for employees since the process is fairly simple, however, there is a step-by-step guide available.

  • Can an employee complete the self-evaluation before the manager starts their evaluation?

No. The employee is not able to access the self-evaluation until the manager or HR launches the review process. Once this occurs, an email is automatically generated through PeopleSoft and is sent to the employee. The email message will include a link to access the self-evaluation. Employees are encouraged to log performance notes throughout the year so that they are prepared to complete their self-evaluation when the manager provides access.

  • Is there a way for managers to duplicate the goals for all employees without retyping for each?

Yes. These are called pre-defined goals. You can submit pre-defined goals to HR’s Learning and Organizational Development Department in advance to have them pre-loaded into the online system so that users can select and add them to their form. Contact Randy Lucius at 404-712-8941 or Jonathan Koestler 404-727-5618.

  • How far in advance do I need to submit the pre-defined goals?

Please submit 1 month prior to the launch for your School/Division.

  • Should pre-defined goals be submitted by departments or school-level units?

Either is acceptable.

  • Are the goals linked between employee and manager? Or do each have to separately add?

At this time, they are not linked. The employee and manager will each have to type in the goals on their own. It is recommended that the goals be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

  • I’m having issues with the Save working properly. Does it not work?

Several people have reported having technical problems saving their performance management documents. To help avoid this, do not run multiple, independent PeopleSoft sessions within your browser. If you need to open another document (e.g., last year’s review) while writing your evaluation, select the new window link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Otherwise, PeopleSoft may not properly save your information.

  • I was invited to provide upward feedback, but the due date has passed. Can I still do it?

If you have been invited to provide upward feedback, but have noticed that the date for completion has passed, go ahead and attempt to complete your feedback anyway. As long as your supervisor’s leader has not finished her/his evaluation, you can still provide your feedback. Please try it and see if it works. Your feedback is important!

  • I am a manager. When I log in, why don’t I see any performance documents for members of my team?

Sounds like you are in "Self Service." You need to log into "Manager Self Service." When you first log into PeopleSoft, you will see a drop down menu in the top center of the screen. Select "Manager Self Service."

  • I am a manager and am not able to begin writing my Performance Review for one of my employees (who is also a manager) because there is no link allowing access to the evaluation form. The only link I see is for “Initiate Upward Feedback”?

You need to click the “start” or “edit” link (whichever is currently displayed) for Initiate Upward Feedback, and on the next screen press the “save” button. You will then be taken back to the previous screen and will see a start link to begin writing the evaluation. Upward feedback must be initiated before you can begin writing your own evaluation of a person. Invitees are not required to provide the upward feedback, but the opportunity to provide upward feedback is required.

  • Why can’t my supervisor see my attachments for my performance evaluation? I can see them when I log in but when he logs in to complete mine it states no attachments?

Select “share with supervisor” from the drop down menu in the table for adding attachments.

  • I am a manager. When I click “Complete Year End Evaluation” the system does not allow me to process any of the actions listed. It is stuck in the “launch upward feedback – approve nominations” step. Why can’t I move forward?

You need to select the button in the upper right hand corner that says “submit nominations” before you can proceed to the next step.

  • I received a request for Upward Feedback but don’t see anything in “My Current Documents”. Where is it?

Make sure you are in “Self-Service” (not Manager Self Service) and go to “Other’s Performance Documents > Pending Evaluations”).

  • I received a request for Upward Feedback. I saw it previously in “Pending Evaluation Requests” but now it is gone. What should I do?

Look in “Current Evaluations,” which is the next option down from Pending.