Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I register for a class?

To enroll in a class, log in to ELMS

  • What if I need to cancel a class?

You can drop your enrollment, by going to your “All Learning page” on the ELMS.  Locate the course you no longer wish to attend and click the drop bottom.

  • Do I receive a certificate for the classes I take?

Yes! To print a certificate of completion for a specific class, go to your “All Learning page” on the ELMS and click on the printer in the far-right  column, under the header “Certificate” to print your certificate..

  • How do I ensure the class becomes part of my Training Transcript?

Once you have completed your class, you can view the courses you have completed on your training transcript by going to your “All Learning page” on the ELMS. This page will also show courses you have enrolled in that are in-progress.

  • How do I add a certificate to my training record of a class I took outside of Emory?

Log into ELMS and click on Supplemental Learning. On the Supplemental Learning page, you can select the type of Supplemental Learning you participated in and you will be provided with a screen to enter the relevant information and click “Save”.

  • What if I took a class somewhere else? Can I have that in my Training Transcript?

In the ELMS, you have the ability to provide information on learning activities that did not take place at Emory. For example, if you attended a conference provided by your professional association, or a class at Emory Continuing Education, all your learning can be captured on one transcript by entering it in your “Supplemental Learning."

  • I want to get into the Administrative Professionals Program (APP), the Supervisor Development Program (SDP) or the Manager Development Program (MDP). What do I do?

Contact Anisthasia Carter, Manager of Training at 404-727-9563, for details about how to apply, the next application period, and course content.

  • Who do I contact for information on the Excellence Through Leadership (ETL) or Academic Leadership Program (ALP)?

Contact Wanda Hayes, Director, Learning and Organizational Development at 404-727-0413 for details related to either program.

  • Can I get a customized class delivered for just my department?

Yes - contact Anisthasia Carter, Training Manager, at 404-727-9563.

  • I need to have someone facilitate a retreat for my staff/team. Can you help us with this, and who should I contact?

Yes.  Contact Anadri Chisolm-Noel, Associate Director for Organizational Development 404-712-8941.