Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I am trying to enroll in my benefits online through Self-Service. Why does it say my event is closed? How can I re-open it?

Events close for multiple reasons. The most common are: 1-Your event has expired. You have 31 days from a qualifying event to make/update your changes. 2-All events close when payroll is processing and every Wednesday at 3 p.m. for updates/changes. New hire events re-open automatically the next day. Please call the benefits office at 404-727-7613 to re-open other events (i.e.-Family Status Changes).

  • I created a Family Status Change event, can you tell me if it was accepted or if it was processed? When does the insurance become active for the added person?

You can contact our front desk (404-727-7613) to verify if your event has been completed correctly, to verify the benefits you’ve selected and to confirm who you’ve added/deleted. If you are adding a dependent, their insurance is active on the date of the Family Status Change. If you are deleting yourself or a dependent, the termination is effective until the last day of the month.

  • Why did I receive a bill for benefits?

When employees go on unpaid leave, they are billed separately for benefits. If you are not on unpaid leave, you need to contact the main benefits line (404-727-7613).

  • How do I figure out the calculation to maximize my retirement?

You can use the modeling tool located in Self-Service to calculate your deductions to maximize your retirement.

  • How do I request a new ID card? How long does it take to receive a new ID card?

You can request a new ID card if your card is lost or stolen, or if you want to order an additional card for a covered dependent. For medical and dental, you can order new ID cards online through Aetna Navigator at You can also print a temporary ID card from Aetna Navigator until permanent cards are received. You can also order ID cards by contacting the vendors.

  • Does the Tobacco Surcharge apply to dental and vision costs?

No. The surcharge is only applied to medical premiums.

  • Can I cover my dependents on dental and/or vision even if they are not covered on my medical plan?

Yes. You can include your eligible dependents on health, dental and vision collectively or separately. Please note that you can only add dependents once you are initially eligible (i.e. - new hire, status change, etc.), if you have a family status change (i.e. - marriage, birth, death, etc.), or during Annual Enrollment.

  • When I sign up for a medical plan, am I automatically enrolled in a prescription plan?

Yes, the prescription benefit is combined with the medical plan.

  • If my spouse got a new job, could I drop coverage for myself and my dependents and go on my spouse’s plan?

Yes. If your spouse gets a new job, it’s considered a qualified Family Status Change and you are permitted to make mid-year changes. You can terminate yourself and your dependents from Emory’s plan, within 31 days of your spouse’s eligibility for the new coverage. If your spouse loses coverage, you can add your spouse/dependents to your plan within 31 days of the change.

  • I was recently hired, when is my coverage effective, and if my employment terminates, when does my coverage end?

Most benefits are effective on your date of hire. If your employment terminates, the following benefits would end on the last day of the month in which you are no longer with Emory: Medical, Dental, Vision and Life. All other benefits would end on your last day of active employment with Emory: Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, Long-Term Care, Prepaid Legal, Home & Auto Insurance, and AFLAC.