What's New for 2017

Annual enrollment is your opportunity to review your current benefits and make changes for the upcoming plan year. The annual enrollment period is October 24 through November 7, 2016. Your new benefit selections will be effective on January 1, 2017. Changes for the 2017 plan year are summarized below.


For 2017, the overall cost of the medical plan will increase to reflect the continued escalation in the cost of health care to Emory University. Employee contribution amounts for both the HSA Plan and the POS Plan will increase for all coverage levels (view 2017 Medical Plan Rates).

Co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums will also increase for both medical plans. Co-insurance is the portion of expense you must pay for care, in most cases, after meeting your deductible. The out-of-pocket maximum is the maximum amount you will pay for your health care in a given year.  Emergency room costs will also increase for both plans. The charts below illustrate the cost changes for 2017 (changes appear in orange).  For a complete medical comparison chart, click here.

plan design changes chart


Vision Plan rates will increase by about 10% for 2017. There are no rate changes for the Dental Plan.


Incentives will be offered again in 2017 to reward healthy living. Whether you select the HSA Plan or the POS Plan, you can lower your overall medical costs by participating in a variety of activities. If you enroll in the HSA Plan, your incentives will be a contribution to your HSA. If you enroll in the POS Plan, your incentives will be a credit against your deductible. Learn more about 2017 incentives.


In April of 2016, Emory University announced the decision to alter the policy addressing benefits to same-sex domestic partners (SSDPs) and their dependents. To allow adequate time for those impacted to plan and prepare for the change, Emory will continue to offer unmarried same-sex domestic partners of employees (and their dependents) access to Emory’s benefit programs through December 31, 2017 if they have a covered SSDP on the plan as of December 31, 2016. Effective January 1, 2018, covered SSDPs must be legally married in order to continue their Emory benefits programs (a marriage certificate may be required, as is required for opposite-sex couples). Effective January 1, 2017, no new unmarried SSDPs can be added to the Emory benefits plan by current employees; newly hired employees must provide proof of marriage to enroll their spouses on or after this date.