Short Term Disability

Short term disability (STD) coverage provides a benefit equal to 60% of your base salary for a period of up to 180 days, if your claim for benefits is approved.

Emory offers the option of multiple waiting periods associated with the STD program. A waiting period is the length of time between your last day actively at work and the point in which you would be eligible to begin receiving your STD benefit. Currently, Emory offers the choice of four waiting periods: 15, 21, 30 or 60 days.

For STD coverage, the benefit is tax-free.

You may enroll or decrease your waiting period without Evidence of Insurability (EOI), however, pre-existing condition exclusions will apply.

short term disability rates


Here is an example of how the cost for STD is calculated for an employee with a $50,000 salary who chooses a 60-day waiting period.

Cost = ($50,000 / $100 ) x $.22 = $110 per year

STD benefits will begin the latter of:

You have the option to decide how much accrued leave to use after satisfying the waiting period. Concurrent payment of STD benefits and accrued leave is not permitted.