Prepaid Legal

Whether you have planned legal expenses or just want to be prepared for the unexpected, MetLife's Group Legal Plan through Hyatt Legal Services is available to meet your needs.

Through the plan, you have access to more than 4,000 law firms and 9,000 attorneys nationwide. Attorneys are available for both telephone and office consultations.

Covered services include:

With the plan, there are no claim forms, deductibles, hour limits, co-pays or caps for covered services performed by a plan attorney. Since this is a group plan, you receive discounted rates on the cost of coverage.

Your discounted plan is portable, so in the event that you leave Emory, you can continue your coverage through MetLife's direct bill program.

The plan is available for $15.74 per month and covers you, a spouse/SSDP and legal dependent(s)/ child(ren). Participants in this plan who experience a qualified IRS family status change during the year must still be enrolled in the plan for the entire year. For more information, call MetLife/Hyatt Legal Services at 800-821-6400 or visit their website at: