Massage Therapy

The Blomeyer Massage Club

The Blomeyer Health Fitness Center is happy to announce our NEW Massage Club and services. Our professional Licensed Massage Therapists offer a variety of massage techniques to complement your specific need or interest, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Sport, each offering its own benefit. Make regular massage an integral part of your ongoing wellness regimen!


Massage Therapy is defined as: the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body, done with knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the structures, applied in a scientific, non sexual manner for therapeutic results. Massage is an ancient healing art based on the natural instinct to touch in response to pain. Many athletes use massage therapy as a fitness aid.


Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best known type of massage. It was developed by a Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter Ling at the University of Stockholm in 1812. It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. Applying pressure against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Deep Tissue:

Deep tissue massage is a style of massage that is designed to get into the connective tissue of the body, rather than just the surface muscles. When a massage therapist performs deep tissue, he or she uses a variety of techniques to deeply penetrate the muscles and fascia, loosening them and releasing tension. Many clients have a more intense experience with a deep tissue massage, but also feel that it is more beneficial, because it addresses deep-seated muscle pains.


Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage is a type of Swedish massage that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Some sports massage movements use trigger point therapy to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increase range of motion.

Join the Blomeyer Massage Club

How many massages am I entitled to?

1-hour massage session each month, but any additional massages during the month you still pay the club rate.

How much does it cost?

  • $49 Monthly - One hour Therapeutic or Swedish
  • $74 Monthly - One and half hour Therapeutic or Swedish
  • $59 Monthly - One hour Deep Tissue or Sport
  • $89 Monthly - One and half hour Deep Tissue or Sport

*One Time Enrollment fee - $29 Blomeyer Health Fitness Center Member; $49 Non-Blomeyer Health Fitness Center Member

How do I pay for my Massage Club?

Through payroll deduction or automatic bank draft.

How do I cancel my membership?

Massage Club membership may be cancelled with 30 days written notice.

How soon can I receive a massage after scheduling?

It is recommended that you give 24 hours notice to assure that you can reserve your desired time.

How do I cancel my massage appointment?

Appointments cancelled with at least 24 hours notice are charged no cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged 50% of the scheduled fee.

How long is my actual massage?

Each 1-hour massage session includes 50 minutes of hands on massage that allows time for client consultation and dressing.

What if I do not use my massage for a month(s)?

Massage Club members may use unused massages from previous months anytime while they hold an active Massage Club membership.