Blomeyer Management Transition

Frequently Asked Questions

When will HealthFitness assume management of Blomeyer?
HealthFitness will begin operating the facility on September 1, 2015. You may see members of the HealthFitness team onsite leading up to the official launch date of September 1.

Why is Emory changing management vendors?
Emory is making this change to ensure that Blomeyer is the best fitness center it can be. We also want a fitness center that grows with the needs of the membership and our health management and healthy living promotion. HealthFitness is an award-winning provider of corporate fitness management with over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry. Their programs are fun and challenging, while also being science-based, behavior change oriented, and aligned with industry best practices. There will be many new opportunities and experiences for Emory employees to improve their health and fitness with this change in vendors.

Who from Emory oversees the operation of Blomeyer Health Fitness Center?
The Blomeyer Oversight Committee is responsible for the ongoing administration of this employee benefit. Members of this group include-- Theresa Milazzo, Associate Vice President, Human Resources; Paula G. Gomes, Executive Director, Faculty Staff Assistance Program; Michael Staufacker, Director, Health Management; Melissa Morgan, Manager, Wellness Programs; and Ashley Floyd, Budget Consultant, Budget Office.

Who made the selection of the new vendor?
In the spring of 2015, the Blomeyer Oversight Committee initiated a request for proposal (RFP) process with the assistance of Emory Procurement Services & Contract Administration, to explore what benefits other fitness vendors could offer Emory faculty and staff. Four finalists were selected to make presentations to the committee, including CSU. In addition to the Oversight Committee, Blomeyer members and other Emory employees participated in the presentations and provided feedback.

Did the current vendor, Corporate Sports Unlimited (CSU), do something wrong?
No, not at all. Emory greatly appreciates the partnership with CSU and the service they have provided to Blomeyer members for the last 18 years. The decision to initiate an RFP was made because much has changed in the fitness management industry in recent years and it is prudent management practice to review vendors periodically.

Will the current Blomeyer staff members continue to work at the facility?
No. CSU intends to retain all of their staff and place these employees at other CSU facilities.

Will my membership dues be increasing?
No. There will be no changes in membership rates as a result of this transition.

Will the group exercise schedule be changing?
HealthFitness will continue to offer a robust schedule of class offerings. You may see some changes to class offerings or times, however, the final group exercise schedule has yet to be determined.

Will my favorite instructors still be teaching group exercise classes?
At this time, it is uncertain which class instructors will continue to teach at Blomeyer. This information will be communicated as soon as possible.

Will the days and hours of operation change at the Blomeyer?
No. The days and hours of operation will not be changing at this time.

Will the towels and locker room amenities still be in place?
Yes. All of the amenities you currently enjoy such as clean towels, shampoo, body wash, and mouthwash will continue to be found at Blomeyer.

I am not an Emory employee. Will I be able to continue my membership?
Yes. Spouses/Partners, retirees, and affiliates will be able to continue their Blomeyer membership.

What will happen during the transition period, from now through September 1?
The facility will remain open with the same staff, group exercise classes, and wellness programming in place. You will occasionally see members of the HealthFitness team on site during this time period.

What changes will be put in place at the facility on/after September 1st?
With the change in management you will see a new check-in system and you will be asked to sign a new liability waiver. In time, you may also see changes in programs offered at the facility after HealthFitness has an opportunity to seek input from members and learn more about the needs and interests of those they will be serving.

Who is responsible for new equipment or facility upgrades and improvements?
HealthFitness will provide recommendations to Emory regarding these types of improvements based on their knowledge and expertise, similar to the process used with CSU. Approvals are granted by the Blomeyer Oversight Committee.

Will I still be able to participate in FitTrip?
After September 1, Blomeyer members will no longer have access to FitTrip as it is a program of Corporate Sports Unlimited, however, Emory and HealthFitness will work together to explore new program options for weight loss/body transformation that meet the needs of the membership.