June 14, 2010

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Fund Balance reports now available in Compass

The following six new Fund Balance management reports are available now in Compass:

MGT4300 – Fund Balance – Project
MGT4304 – Fund Balance – Fund Code
MGT4310 – Fund Balance – Operating Unit LTD
MGT4312 – Fund Balance – Department LTD
MGT4314 – Fund Balance – Business Unit LTD
MGT4320 – Fund Balance – Chartfields LTD (single comprehensive report combining the project, fund code, operating unit, and department Chartfields)
These Fund Balance reports calculate the ending fund balance for the selected Chartfield (project, department, fund, operating unit, or business unit), including columns for cash, other assets, and liabilities, as well as fund balance.
Any Scope may be used with any of these reports; however, the most appropriate Scopes are the Detail Department Scopes (D:xxxxxx), the Summary Grouping Scopes (UPDSxxxx), or Operating Unit Scopes (UOUxxxxx).

Changes to Pre-Paid/Direct Bill Airfare Process within Compass

Effective on May 28, 2010, all airfare charges that were designated as “pre-paid/direct bill” by the Emory Travel Agencies are no longer found within the traveler’s Wallet within Compass.  The only charges within the traveler’s Wallet moving forward will be expenses charged to a traveler’s AMEX Corporate Card.

Now, when you arrange for your airfare and designate it to be direct billed to your SmartKey, it will now automatically be charged against the SmartKey provided at the time of booking.  (This is identical to how pre-paid/direct bill charges were handled in FAS.)

For the traveler, there are no changes in the booking process.

Note:    Please remember that the preferred method of payment for airfare is your Emory AMEX Corporate Card.

Click here for more information on these changes.

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