June 10, 2013

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New Policies

Emory has recently adopted two new policies:

Mandated Child Abuse Reporting - Policy 4.119
Emory is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of children on campus. A newly approved policy furthers our commitment by providing detailed guidance in the unlikely event a member of the Emory community needs to report suspected child abuse.  The new Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Policy, which is available at http://policies.emory.edu/4.119, describes the legal obligation under Georgia law for Emory faculty, staff, volunteers and certain business partners to report the suspected abuse of a person under the age of 18.  Information on how to report, including contact information, is provided in the policy, along with a reporting form.  This new policy complements an existing Emory policy governing activity of minors in Emory laboratories, Policy 7.21

Employing Members of the Independent External Auditor - Policy 4.120
Emory maintains the integrity of its financial statements, financial reporting processes, and internal controls by engaging the services of an independent auditor. The new Employing Members of the Independent External Auditor Policy, available online at http://policies.emory.edu/4.120, will ensure that the auditor is truly independent and capable of exercising objective and impartial judgment on all issues by placing limitations on the hiring of its current or former employees. Emory must abide by a minimum one year “cooling off” period before hiring any members of the audit engagement team that are employees or former employees of the auditor serving in a financial reporting oversight role.

Questions about the application of either of these new policies should be directed to Del King, Human Resources, (404) 727-7567 or dking2@emory.edu.


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