May 29, 2012

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July 31st Transportation Referendum Series: Part 1

tiredoftrafficOn July 31, 2012, voters across the Metro Atlanta region will decide whether to approve a 1% sales tax across 10 counties to fund a list of transportation projects in these counties.

Emory's Office of Governmental and Community Affairs and the Office of Sustainability Initiatives have partnered to develop a website to educate the Emory community about the July 31st Transportation Referendum.  Visit for information on the referendum, including project maps and FAQs. 

In addition, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is hosting 12 Wireside Chats over six evenings in June.  Local officials will provide a brief overview of the July 31st referendum and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. These evening phone conversations are open to the public. Register at or call 404.463.3227

Look out for details on the Clifton Corridor Projects in Part 2 of the July 31st Transportation Referendum Series in June's issue of News You Can Use.

Don't want to tackle traffic on Election Day?  You have several options--Vote early or by absentee ballot!

*Early voting begins on July 9th at select voting locations.  Find the location closest to you at the Georgia Secretary of State website.

*Vote at your normal voting location on Saturday, July 21.

*Contrary to common belief, you don't have to be out of town to vote by absentee ballot.  Any registered voter can vote absentee.  To request an absentee ballot, visit the Georgia Secretary of State website.   Ballots will be mailed to your home address at the beginning of July and you return it before Election Day, July 31.

*If you are not registered to vote, you must do so by July 2! To register to vote, visit the Georgia Secretary of State website.


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