May 16, 2016

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Info Sessions on Master of Religion and Public Life


Info Sessions on Master of Religion and Public Life

Candler School of Theology’s Master of Religion and Public Life (MRPL) degree explores the dynamics of faith in the public sphere. Now you have a chance to learn more about the degree at one of three upcoming information sessions on June 3, June 14, and June 24 from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in room 517 of Candler’s Rita Anne Rollins Building.

The MRPL is a 30 credit-hour residential program with a flexible curriculum and occasional evening classes to accommodate working professionals. It is especially well-suited for those in careers that aren’t religious, but whose work is impacted by religion like professionals in healthcare, education, social work, law and other fields who need to understand how clients may be influenced by their faith. The program is also an excellent choice for those interested in the role of religion in society and those wanting to deepen their faith through study.

Students in the program will gain an enhanced understanding of the specific demands and concerns of religious traditions they encounter in their work, as well as an appreciation for the ways in which religion shapes the public landscape of 21st century North America.

For MRPL student Hurl Taylor 85L, the degree was a perfect match. “All along, I’ve been looking for educational experiences related to the Bible. As a law school alum, I’m well acquainted with Emory, and I know that the School of Theology is top notch.” Taylor plans to use his degree to expand his church’s juvenile prison ministry, which he helps lead. “Candler has given me a base of knowledge that I didn’t have before. I’ve also made friends and contacts, so I’ll be able to draw from other people and programs here.”

The MRPL application deadline for fall 2016 is July 15.

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