May 6, 2013

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Employees Honored for Years of Service
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Employees Honored for Years of Service

On Tuesday, April 23, staff members were honored for their years of service to Emory University at a special luncheon with President Wagner. 40-year, 35-year, 30-year, and 25-year anniversary milestones were celebrated.


*** 40 YEARS ***
Andy Ewing, Campus Services
Charles (Tim) Marler, Office of Information Technology
Kenneth Sims, Campus Services
Cathy Lee Smith, School of Medicine
Melissa M. Wade, Campus Life      

*** 35 YEARS ***
Barbara A. Allen, Rollins School of Public Health
Barbara C. Ballisty, Office of the Provost
James Warren Gordon, School of Medicine
Susan I. Mead, School of Medicine
Jeanne D. Thigpen, Human Resources
Stanley L. Wilson, Research Administration

*** 30 YEARS ***
Eileen E. Breding, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Denise D'Agostino Brubaker, Emory College
Ann Buckles, Rollins School of Public Health
Nicole B. Byrd, Office of Information Technology
Debra Elaine Cohen, School of Medicine
Kimberly O'Brien Comstock, Office of Information Technology
Gwendolyn Dent, School of Medicine
Katherine F. Egan, School of Medicine
Pamela J. Epps, Campus Life
Richard John Gess, University Libraries
Teresa Linn Henderson, Rollins School of Public Health
Graydon E. Kirk, Office of Information Technology
Andrea Lewyn Krakovsky, School of Medicine
Dianne H. Lee, School of Medicine
Matthew S. Merchant, Office of Information Technology
William E. Newnam, Campus Life
Sharen Burton Olson, School of Medicine
William Thomas Watkins, Student Financial Services

*** 25 YEARS ***
Jacquelyn B. Aly, Emory College
Bruce Anderson II, Office of Information Technology
Anthony Arnold, Campus Services
Dana Marie Ballacchino, School of Medicine
Julie Rawlinson Barefoot, Goizueta Business School
Brenda L. Bronson-Bennefield, Candler School of Theology
Susan E. Browne, Emory College
Nellie Ruth Brunson, Campus Services
Blanche W. Burch, Emory College
Ronald Anthony Campanelli, Campus Services
Elaine Earley Cassard, Office of the Controller
William Franklin Choate, Office of Information Technology
Janelle G. Clark, School of Medicine
Thomas Davis, Campus Services
Joe DeRose, Office of Information Technology
Dennis James Dudley, Campus Services
Lauran Beth Fechte, Research Administration
Dorcas L. Ford Jones, Emory College
James E. Fordham, Sr., Office of Information Technology
Ronnie Gene Gorrell, Financial Operations
Michael A. Graiser, School of Medicine
Barbara M. Hasty, Campus Life
Alfred Joseph Herzog, Campus Services
Carolyn Beatrice Jefferson, Development and Alumni Relations
Cassandra Battle Johnson, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Irma Kelly Kautt, University Libraries
Margaret Ann King, Emory College
Nancy Lee L'Hernault, School of Medicine
Madeline Mittelhammer, Undergrad Admissions
Mary Lou Mojonnier, School of Medicine
Francis D. Mueller Jr., Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Valerie Marie Panditaratne, School of Medicine
Michael Eugene Poole, Campus Services
Phillis Ann Rollins, Campus Life
Hilary S. Rosenthal, School of Medicine
Shirley Ann Sabo, Emory College
Mahbuba Ferdousi Sadiq, Oxford College
Gail A. Schwartz, School of Medicine
Elizabeth Kathleen Shoemaker, University Libraries
Kathryn A. Smith, Laney Graduate School
Mary P. Smith, Human Resources
Glenda J. Stewart, School of Medicine
Doreen Nicole Theune, School of Medicine
Patricia Ann Thomas, School of Law
Rita Michelle Tyler, Campus Services
Carole J. West, School of Medicine
Marvis Starks Zanders, School of Medicine
Kathryn H. Zusmanis, School of Medicine

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