May 4, 2015

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Changes to Performance Management for 2015 and Upward Feedback

In 2014, Emory University launched a new online tool for Performance Management. In December, HR conducted a survey to solicit feedback on the process and the new system. As a result, improvements have been made for 2015. For a summary of these improvements, click here.

Upward Feedback (Supervisor Feedback)
One new feature we are initiating this year is to give staff the opportunity to provide feedback about their supervisor to their supervisor’s leader. Staff members can answer three questions:

  • What do you see as your supervisor’s greatest strengths?
  • What area(s) do you think your supervisor should develop in order to be more effective?
  • Are there other comments about your supervisor that you would like to share?

Providing upward feedback is entirely optional but strongly encouraged. All feedback will be kept anonymous and a supervisor’s leader will only receive the feedback if three or more direct reports complete the questionnaire.
For many, this will be done using the Self-Service/PeopleSoft Performance Management tool. During this year’s performance review process, staff members may receive an invitation from their supervisor’s leader via email to provide feedback about their supervisor. They will then complete the three questions online in Self-Service.
Some staff may not receive an invitation. Reasons include:

  • The supervisor may not have enough direct reports (they must have at least three).
  • The supervisor is a faculty member (faculty are not evaluated using the staff evaluation tool within Self-Service/PeopleSoft, so staff members who report to a faculty member cannot use this tool for providing feedback).  Other methods and technologies to capture upward feedback for faculty supervisors will be explored for 2016.

Those who do not get an invitation to provide feedback, but still wish to provide it, can do so using a manual paper form. The feedback form is located on the Performance Management website and can be downloaded and completed at any time. It can be turned in anonymously by:

  • Putting the completed form in an envelope and placing it in the appropriate mail box
  • Returning the form to the division/school’s HR department, who will then redirect the document accordingly

The form can also be emailed or hand-delivered if the staff member is not concerned about anonymity.


A webinar is also being developed to explain this new process for supervisors and will be available soon.

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