April 30, 2012

Employees Honored For Years of Service
Emory Receives Alliance for Work-Life Professionals Seal of Distinction
Learning Services Receives Top Award for a Second Year

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Temporary Smoking Zones End August 1
167th Commencement Exercises - May 14, 2012
Nominations Now Open for Management Institute
Staff Fest - Friday, May 18, 2012


Employees Honored for Years of Service

Emory honored members of the Emory community for their years of service during a luncheon with President Wagner on Monday, April 12, 2012.

**** 45 Years ***
E. Merle Reed, Campus Services

*** 40 Years ***
Peter W. Day, University Technology Services
Elizabeth L. Gay, Campus Life
Margaret L. Huber, Office of Research Compliance
Shirley E. Maddox, University Technology Services
Roland Milam, Financial Operations
Gary Morris, Campus Services
Margaret E. Stephens, Emory College
Beverly P. Turner, University Libraries

*** 35 Years ***
Ossie Benjamin, Campus Services
Joe Jean Borowski, School of Medicine
Pamela L. Bryant, School of Medicine
William F. Cash, Sr., Campus Services
Dollie M. Durden, Campus Services
Tyrone English, Campus Services
Claire N. Hackworth, School of Medicine
Robert Mark McLeod, Campus Life
Rickey L. Ray, Campus Services
Barbara Louise Ward, School of Medicine
Rosa M. Weston, University Technology Services
Angela M. Williams, School of Medicine

*** 30 Years ***
Barbara G. Anderson, University Technology Services
Elizabeth A. Batteast, Center for Pastoral Services
Elizabeth H. Broyles, Office of the Provost
Gloria Burkett, Office of General Counsel
Gloria Ann Cargile, Oxford College
Reta J. Cobb, Oxford College
Kharen E. Fulton, Laney Graduate School
Joan Matthews Gershon, Office of the University Secretary
Kathryn H. Graves, Development & Alumni Relations
Marian Ann Hudson, Campus Life
Margie E. Jones, School of Medicine
Ellen Myra Katz, School of Medicine
Linda Louise McCollum, School of Medicine
Lynne Morelock-Roy, School of Medicine
David D. Stewart, Campus Services
Bobbi J. Woolwine, School of Medicine

*** 25 Years ***
Ronald Wayne Bloodworth, Campus Services
Jayne M. Brown, School of Medicine
Winton Renee Brown, University Technology Services
Joy Smith Budensiek, Oxford College
Deborah J. Carlisle, Development & Alumni Relations
Rebecca B. Correll, School of Medicine
Deborah Jean Crawl, Campus Services
Jimmie Lee Dukes, Jr., Campus Services
Perry Thomas Eidson, University Technology Services
Arabelle D. Ellerbe, University Libraries
Amy C. Erbil, Emory College
Emma Jane Fenn, School of Medicine
Rhonda Dean Fuss, University Technology Services
Katherine Knutson Garrett, School of Medicine
Bela Gazdy, University Libraries
Jane E. Gillespie, School of Medicine
Mark Thomas Hanfman, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Stacy Harman Holloway, School of Medicine
Kenneth Paul House, Campus Services
Joyce Jaleel, Campus Life
Bradley Douglas Jones, Candler School of Theology
Mollie Bayless Korski, Emory College
Glenn Edward Kulasiewicz, Campus Services
Julia Holden Leon, University Technology Services
Robert Manchester, Campus Services
Helen Cook McLaughlin, School of Medicine
Nancy Lee Mears, Office of the Controller
Harrison Miller, University Technology Services
Guy Andy Mitchell, Campus Services
Moffett E. Morris, University Libraries
Dimitrios M. Nikolakis, Campus Services
Sheila W. O’Neal, School of Medicine
Tony Lavoy Pursley, Campus Services
Rebecca Marie Ratcliffe, School of Medicine
Samuel Dennis Smith, Campus Services
Phillip E. Stephens, Campus Services
Margaret Clayton Stevens, Financial Operations
Nelda B. Stoudenmire, Campus Life
Nell Ruth Sullivan, School of Medicine
Kay Lee Summerville, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Monica Cenetta Taylor, Laney Graduate School
Gary Lee Teal, Office of EVP, Health Affairs
Seth Peter Tepfer, Oxford College
Darryl Leon Tigner, School of Medicine
Samantha Wellbrock-Renfro, Development & Alumni Relations
Diana Marie Wilson, Office of the University Secretary
Callie R. Wilson-Minott, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

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