April 4, 2016

Award of Distinction Honors Outstanding Emory University Employees

National Walking Day

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Managers:  It’s Time for Mid-Year Performance Reviews
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Employee Council Town Hall April 12th
Upcoming Workshop: Biofeedback for Stress Management
Are You a Closet Drinker?

Faculty-Peer Mediation Program

Caregiver Resilience: Make Stress Your Friend
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Managers:  It’s Time for Mid-Year Performance Reviews

Although mid-year reviews are optional, they are highly recommended. Some schools and divisions have already launched the mid-year form for all managers, while others leave it up to the discretion of each manager

A mid-year review can be very beneficial to you and your employees:

  • It helps employees see if they are on track, and if they are not, it allows them the opportunity to get the feedback they need in a timely fashion so they can make adjustments.
  • It also helps to minimize any “surprises” at the end-of-year review. 
  • A mid-year review is much easier to write than an annual review. Ratings are not required for each competency; instead, a simple overall score is provided at the end to let the employee know if they are on track or not. 
  • Completing a mid-year review will also make your end-of-year review much easier since you will have already documented your employee’s performance for half of the year.

For instructions on launching the mid-year review form, click here.

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