April 4, 2011

Emory Honors Employees For Years of Service
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Emory Honors Employees For Years of Service

Emory honored members of the Emory community for their years of service during a luncheon with President Wagner on Monday, April 4, 2011.

****45 Years***
Dianne D. Harris - School of Medicine

****40 Years***
Margaret B Douglas - School of Medicine
Marie P. Hodo - Campus Life
Lee Arthur Johnson - Campus Services

****35 Years***
Sybil T. Bridges - Emory College
Ulicer L. Cortes - Campus Services
Martha Williams Fagan - Development & Alumni Relations
Vickie G. Grimes - School of Medicine
Robin Garbee Thompson - Rollins School of Public Health
Larry J. Wagner - School of Medicine
Mattie Louise Young - Campus Services

****30 Years***
Frederick S. Allen - Campus Services
Brenda K. Baxter - Emory College
David John Beck - Campus Services
Terry G. Brown - Development & Alumni Relations
Barbara Bryant - University Technology Services
Brenda D. Buggs - School of Medicine
Mary K. Cawthon - Undergraduate Admissions
Linda T. Curtis - School of Medicine
Dorothy B. Doughty - School of Medicine
Donald E. Finley - Campus Services
Patricia Lynn Goddard - University Technology Services
Annette Hadley - School of Medicine
Bernstine W. Hollis - The Carter Center
Timothy Olin Ivey - Campus Services
Ray Nelson Jarvis, Jr. - Campus Life
Marvlyn E. Kirk - Development & Alumni Relations
Khaleelah Muwwakkil - Rollins School of Public Health
Linda J. Nodine - University Libraries
Margaret F. Pedersen - School of Medicine
Susan Drake Rogers - Investigational Drug Service
Eileen R. Rubnitz - University Libraries
Sahadeo Sarju - University Technology Services
Gary L. Schroeder - Development & Alumni Relations
Cynthia A. Shaw - Office of University Chaplain
Curtis G. Stauffer - University Technology Services
Scott C. Swann - University Technology Services

****25 Years***
Milonne Senat Ambroise - School of Medicine
Marisa Anne Benson - University Technology Services
Carla O. Brock - School of Medicine
Lloyd A. Busch - University Libraries
Sallie Florence Clayton - Campus Services
Beverly Snyder Cormican - Office of Business Management
Connie Elaine Corpening - Campus Services
Jean Freeman Dobson - Office of Financial Aid
Dennis D. Dravland - University Technology Services
Debra Ann Duke - School of Medicine
Barry Keith Foster - University Technology Services
Laura Ann Fox-Goharioon - School of Medicine
Joseph John Gallo - School of Law
Virginia Annette Griffey - School of Medicine
Mark Andrew Hafitz - Financial Operations
Angela Marie Hale - The Carter Center
Rebecca Bowden Hancock - University Technology Services
Patricia Jean Haugaard - School of Medicine
Anita Lynn Haynes - Office of Financial Aid
John Francis Healey - School of Medicine
Sarah J. Hix - Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Mindy S. Hyman - Development & Alumni Relations
James R. Kruse - University Technology Services
Marcelia T. Maddox - Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Anita Waite Mann - School of Law
Ann Elise Mayne - School of Medicine
Margaret A. Milne - Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Melissa M. Montgomery - The Carter Center
Brendan Moriarty - Office of University Community Partnership
Tamara C. Murphy - School of Medicine
Shirley Jean Obie - Development & Alumni Relations
Ernest Theodore Parker - School of Medicine
Marvin J. Peck - University Technology Services
Karen Sue Pierce - School of Medicine
Loretta Rawls - Campus Services
Carla Geneil Reid - Office of Sponsored Programs
Jacqueline Echols Riley - School of Medicine
Eunice Patricia Rosier - School of Medicine
Marilyn J. Schertz Candler - School of Theology
Karon Gayle Schindler - Communications
Brandon Gulledge Scott - University Libraries
Allen Dale Shelton - University Technology Services
Benita D. Sims - Campus Services
Catherine Howett Smith - Michael C. Carlos Museum
Buddy Smith - The Carter Center
Elwood H. Spackman Jr. - Center for Pastoral Services
Jennifer S. Stevenson - University Technology Services
John B. Stiles Jr. - University Technology Services
Rita Sitaram Thomas - Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Robert A. Waggoner - Rollins School of Public Health
Queen Elizabeth Watson - Laney Graduate School
Joann G. White - School of Medicine
Robin Michelle White - Campus Services
Elizabeth Jane Wilcox - Research Administration
Anthony Ferdinand Williams - Undergraduate Admissions
Charles Michael Wilson - Campus Services
Gerald Robert Wilson - Campus Services
William Thomas Wilson Jr. - School of Medicine
Veronica D. Wright - School of Law
Annabella Yumul - Goizueta Business School

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