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Clinical Research at Marcus Autism Center Seeks Participants

The Marcus Autism Center is seeking toddlers and mothers who are pregnant for two new research studies. There is no cost to families who take part in the study, and there are many benefits to families, including compensation for your participation.

Under the new Directorship of Ami Klin, Ph.D., the Marcus Autism Center has a Research Program that combines innovative methodologies with expert diagnostic characterization to examine profiles of social engagement in autism spectrum and related disorders. The mission of the Research Program is to conduct clinical and scientific studies to standards of best practice with the intent to enhance the lives of the individuals and families for whom we serve.

With the knowledge that our families provide us, new discoveries can be made about the nature and course of autism spectrum disorders. For instance, Drs. Klin and Warren Jones, together with Sarah Schultz of Yale University, recently published a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Their study reveals that blinking patterns differ in children with and without autism based on what they find meaningful within a social scene. These results can lead to new intervention techniques that can enrich if not alter the course of social development.

There is no cost to families who take part in our studies, and there are many benefits, including compensation for time and participation. In addition, children who participate receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation from highly trained clinicians.

Information on current research studies ongoing at the Marcus Autism Center is provided below.

Toddler Study: This study investigates social visual engagement in toddlers with and without developmental delays.  Who can take part in this study?

• Children 10 months to 24 months old with or at risk for developmental delays, including ASDs.
• Typically developing children 10 months to 24 months old

Infant Prospective Study : This study examines the way infant siblings of children with ASD pay attention to faces and speech sounds over the first two years of their lives in comparison to other infants.  Who can take part in this study?

• Mothers who are pregnant or have a newborn younger than 3 months old AND who have an older child with an ASD (i.e. autism, Asperger syndrome, or PDD-NOS)
• Mothers who are pregnant or have a newborn younger than 3 months old AND who have no family history of ASDs (i.e., no autism, Asperger syndrome, or PDD-NOS in siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts uncles or cousins).

For more information,  visit www.marcus.org/research.


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